Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday’s and coffee…

I had a birthday recently...don’t ask my age. ;)
It doesn’t bother me to add another year. I like the experiences that I’m blessed to have each year and the opportunity to change and grow. A lot of folks hate getting older, but I don’t act my age, so I’m not really impacted by it, like many. 
I just love life and am excited about the next steps that God has for me.
I also love Starbucks coffee… Small Coffee, Disaster, Perfect - some examples...

This brings me to my thoughts today - every birthday people give me Starbucks gift cards or Starbucks coffee and this year it happened again. I got $85 worth of gift cards and two ground packages of coffee. I'm so blessed!
I’m set...for quite some least three weeks anyway.
Why did people give me all things Starbucks?
Because they know that’s what I like.
They didn’t give me old socks, or grass clippings, or tomatoes, because I don’t like those things. They were thoughtful and gave me items that would bring a little joy to my day and that I liked. They wanted to make me happy.
Because they are generous.
They took time to go out and buy those items. They used their own resources to purchase Starbucks stuff. They wrapped them up in a card or gift bag, and gave them to me. They didn’t have to do that, but they were and are generous, so they used their generosity for me that day.
Because they want to be a blessing.
They didn’t give me Starbucks to make me mad (how could anyone get mad with anything Starbucks?). They wanted to encourage me on a special day. They wanted to make sure that my birthday was noticed and they wanted to make me feel important. They chose to be a blessing.
It made me think of the Lord and what He gives us...
He knows what I like.
I don’t think that God gave us different personalities, likes and dislikes, by accident. He knows our particular likes and He blesses us with opportunities to experience those likes. I enjoy watching lightning (as you can likely tell from this post (Lightning strikes twice), so He lets me see the lightning sometimes. He blesses me - I don’t know why, other than He loves me, but He blesses me.
He is generous.
Think of all the wonderful things He has given you. Think of all the amazing experiences He has given you, in your lifetime. He gives and gives and gives - way beyond what we deserve, especially here in the United States. We have incredible blessings and it’s because the Lord is generous.
He wants to bless me.
Really? I don’t get it. Why me? Why would the God of the universe want to bless me? He doesn’t have to do that, but He does. He constantly gives me the small things that brighten my day. He also supplies the big needs that I must have, and can’t provide for myself. He blesses me!
Lessons Learned: People love to give, and our Lord loves to give more.
Thoughts: Have you enjoyed giving lately?
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