Monday, August 27, 2012

Puddles and big splashes…

The folks in this picture likely didn’t expect to have such a deep puddle to deal with, but they made it through, and it was cool for me to watch them roll within the deep waters.

You could look at several things from this picture…

They made it through a large puddle in life.

They created waves in life.

They chose the harder route in life.

They weren’t very bright to go that way.

They took a risky risk (I just like how that sounds).

What about purposeful splashes?

This puddle may not be the perfect example of a purposeful splash, but I think we should make a splash in our lives.

When I drive by a puddle on the side of the road, that has a bit of size to it, I generally don’t avoid it, I hit it. The splashes are awesome and the sound of it hitting the underside of my car and wheel-well are definitely cool. I don’t do this with a pedestrian present, since that would be cruel (although it would be cool too - especially if they had no idea it was coming - wow!). 

Why hit the puddle?

Because it impacts.

My children and I laugh and woot.

If someone behind me sees it, they often like the way its wake.

It shows how things react to each other.

It makes a change and it doesn’t sit still.

I know this is not the ultimate example of impact, but it represents the fact that we impact those around us, even with the little things.

What little things can you do to impact today?

How can you make a splash today? 
Are you purposefully impacting?

What small change, in you, will change those around you?

How many times, a day, do you consider what impact you’re having with others?

Lessons Learned: We can’t just impact by accident, or we’ll miss opportunities.

Thoughts: How purposeful are you impacting others? Do you have an impact plan?


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A funny picture of big splashes...

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