Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boredom rules…

What a handsome picture...looks like I have no teeth...

Do you ever get bored? 
I was yawning big-time in the photo. Boredom hits most of us regularly, even in the midst of being busy at a task. It’s something that’s hard to control, because it can even hit when we are doing something that we like to do.  It’s kind of a strange thing, but since we all have it happen to us, I thought we should have some rules involved…

  1. Boredom should be shared. If your bored, you should invite another, so they can see how boring you and your life are. Shared boredom will actually get you out of being bored.
  2. Boredom should be embraced. When bored, just add one little thing to what you are doing, like...singing a nursery song...making a odd noise...chewing gum to a beatbox beat. Just think about mowing and beat-boxing your gum - wouldn't that be cool - or singing “Row-row-row your boat” when you are making lasagna. Little bit of a crazy rule here.
  3. Boredom should be regular. If everyday was a mountaintop experience, we would be bored on the mountain, because it would be the same all the time. A little bit of rain, makes the sunny days brighter. A little boredom makes the great times greater.
  4. Boredom should not be planned. That doesn’t even make sense. Who would plan boredom? Why would someone desire that it happens at a certain time each week? When you get bored, deal with it at that time and then move on.
  5. Boredom should be immediately attacked. If boredom persists, it will begin to gnaw at you and could hurt your day. Do something about it and don’t just let it sit and fester. Don’t let it ruin your day.
Boredom happens in life and it’s not fun, but we can’t let it cause us to have a bad day. A lot of folks don’t deal with the boredom and they get in a rut in life, that impacts everything they do. I know that sometimes our jobs can bore us during stretches, or that we get bored in our hobbies, or in our routines, but we can’t let that impact our joy.
Do you let boredom get you down?
Do you bore yourself to death? Or to tears?
Do you get so bored, you lose your joy?
Do you allow boredom to hurt your attitude?
Do you do crazy things when your bored?
Lessons Learned: Boredom can ruin you, if you let it. Don't let it. Boredom makes the 
Thoughts: What boring thing have you let hurt you?

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