Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My picks were not very relevant in the end...other than the winner - GO UK!!!

This word has come to mind several times over the last few days...I’m not totally sure why, but it’s an important word. The definition of this word shows it has important value…
“Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand”
“ORIGIN early 16th cent. (as a Scots legal term meaning ‘legally pertinent’): from medieval Latin relevant- ‘raising up,’ from Latin relevare.”
This may not mean much to you, but some important questions should be raised with this word…

Are you closely connected? 
If you want to be relevant in our world, you should be connected, and by that, I don’t mean social networking, I mean real connections in life. You should be connected to so many people that you have a hard time remembering each of their names. How can you influence when you aren’t connected to people? The next part is “closely.” connections are fine, but if your closely connected, then you can actually have an impact on someone.
Are you appropriate?
Too many people are worried about being popular and not being appropriate. I saw a biography about a famous ventriloquist and he was hilarious, but he chose to change his style to “adult” type humor to gain an audience and more fame. It worked, but was that appropriate? You can be connected and encourage many while still being appropriate with people.
Are you part of the matter at hand?
You have to stay, somewhat, up-to-date to be relevant. You won’t understand all the latest trends, styles and topics, but you will be able to influence more if you have an idea of what’s going on in the world. You don’t have to be involved in everything that’s going on, but you should be aware, so you can have an influence. If I had no idea what Facebook was, I could lose my influence on the youth I try to serve.  
Another side to this is that we often stick our nose in business that’s not ours, because we want to be part of the mater at hand, but we really should just let that side alone.
Are you pertinent?
Pertinent is not necessarily important, meaning you don’t have to be important to be pertinent - glad I didn’t try to say that - it would have been hard to say. If your pertinent, then you are having an effect on someone or someones around you. They need you and your influence. You are important to at least those folks. Who are you important to?
Are you raising up?
I love this part of the definition. Who have you impacted to bring up higher than they are right now? Are you blossoming people to be better than they were? Are you causing changes in someone’s life? Who have you raised up to be better now than yesterday? What a great part of the word relevant.
Many people think they’re relevant because they are famous or have stature or position. That doesn’t make us relevant. No title, money, power or prestige makes you relevant. The thing that makes you relevant is your positive, proper and impacting influence.
Lessons Learned: It takes hard work to be relevant and impact those around you. BTW - I have to ask the same questions of myself as I write each blog - it’s tough...
Thoughts: Are you relevant in the right way? Who are you influencing?

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