Monday, April 23, 2012

Something’s missing…

When you look at this picture, what do you see? Or, what don’t you see?
It’s not the shoe style, although those would be fine not to see.
It’s not the bad looking carpet squares.
It’s not the dirty chair legs.
It’s the missing part of the of the connectors to the legs is completely missing…
What’s missing is often overlooked in life…

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “What’s different about them?”  
You didn’t notice…
Their haircut.
Their mustache was gone.
An eyebrow was missing.
They stopped wearing glasses.
They had a tan.
They changed their clothes from just a few minutes ago.
You could apply this to anything in life. We miss a lot of things, and, in this case, there was some real danger in missing the leg brace/bracket to this chair, and the one in the picture below too. Honestly, I took a double take to notice the missing piece, so I missed it too.
What do we miss with those around us?
Did we notice the coworker that’s going through a hard time, on the job? Or maybe even at home?
Did we notice the friend at church that’s having some trouble with their teen?
Did we notice the lady at the grocery store that had a hard time reaching a shelf?
Did we notice the teen that just had a dating or friendship go sour?
Did we notice the family member struggle with a challenge in life?
Did we see the little boy that failed at a sport, and was hurting?
Did we see the little girl who didn’t quite fit in?
Did we see the couple that just split up and were in pain?    
Did we see the guy on the street that obviously had some needs?
Did we see the the person running the cash register that was in a bad mood?
If we even noticed any of these or the other 100 people situations, that we ran in to this past week, did we do anything to help those folks?
It’s not just the fact that we miss the hurts, pains, struggles and challenges of those around us, it’s the need to follow through and help those people.
We (I) get so focused on ourselves that we miss the needs of others and we miss opportunities to be a help or blessing to them. People need us and we need them, when we are down. The problem is, we are not alert enough to notice they have a piece missing or a broken area. We have to keep observant to the people around us, so that we can be used of the Lord to help.
Lessons Learned: Seeing the needs of others will only help you be blessed and be a blessing each day.
Thoughts: What needs have you missed lately? Where have you been able to help someone else?

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