Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Centurion effect…

Man, am I scary looking...

By now you already know of my famous roles on stage and in the public eye. You are aware of my multiple areas of talent, including Frosty the Snowman and the Rodeo Clown. You know how adept I am in taking on dramatic sequences in acting arenas. I can’t help my talent or my ability to wow a crowd. It’s truly God-given and I am blessed beyond so many.
Obviously, I jest…

I did get to play a centurion in our Easter Passion play this year and it was, not only a blast, but quite humbling. 
It was humbling for these reasons:
The costume - just look at the picture. Do I make the centurion look tough, bold, muscularly scary (well, I may have that one down)? Does the costume make my look like I roman guard? It was humbling to be put in that role and I when I cracked the whip that I was given, I twice hit myself in the arm. Just how embarrassing is that?
The role - I had to take Jesus before Pilot and to the cross. I never saw this coming, but when I had to turn and watch Jesus carry the cross up the aisle, I was hit by the reality of my sin and what He did for me. 
I looked at this part as a role and not as it was, when I first started practicing. Jesus died for me - why me? That’s amazing grace for me. It was overwhelming when it hit me, but I stayed in my part. I was the tough guy, but Jesus softened me in the play, just like He did in real life.
I didn’t think the centurion effect would happen to me. I’m a pretty carefree guy and have fun when I practice and play parts like this, but in this case, the Lord knew I needed to be reminded of what He did for me.
I am so blessed, to have been given the opportunity to play that role, even if I was not the first or best choice. 
Lessons Learned: Impact on your life can come in many ways. Don’t miss it.
Thoughts: Have you ever had the centurion effect?

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