Monday, April 2, 2012

Bee stings leave red marks…

I think that everything happens, in life, for a reason, even bee stings…

I was working some part-time work, to fill the gap recently, and it entailed a a fair bit of yard cleanup on a lot that someone just purchased. It was hot and hard work, but it was good to see God provide through tight times. He always has a way to take care of our needs, and I’m glad He does so. 
On this property, they had a bee hive, not the accidental kind, but a box with the hive set in a specific place at the front of the yard. We were told to just be careful around that area, but it shouldn't be a big deal. It wasn’t a problem at all, until the bee keeper came and needed to add a queen to the hive. It was interesting to watch and we got to see the queen prior to it being deposited into the hive. 
All was fine until the keeper asked me to come over and look at something after he had set the queen in place. Bees weren’t swarming, but they were stirred up and buzzing around a bit. A few bees bounced off of my arms and head, but one got between my work glasses and the top of my head (I had the glasses up on the top of my head out of the way). That bee got nervous and slipped out at the bottom of my glasses near my forehead, but decided to stab me in the forehead on it’s way through.
I hadn’t been stung by a bee since I was a kid, so it surprised me how much it pained. It created a red mark and a welt very quickly and I had a headache for couple of hours afterwards. In fact, two days later I had a red bump where the bee stung me. Maybe I have a slight allergy to bee stings or something, but I was a shocked at how much it hurt and the results.
One little bee gave me red mark...
It also caused a welt.
It gave me a headache.
It made me focus on the spot that was hurt for a while.
It gave a longer lasting impact with the bump.
It caused more than I thought a bee sting could do, and it was just one sting.
Looking at our lives, we have stings all the time...
Sometimes, they are small and just leave a red mark.
Sometimes, they cause a welt that sits around for a while.
Once in a while, they impact for a few days.
On the rare occasion, they last a very long time and cause pain that we didn’t expect, in our lives. 
Bee stings, in our lives can really hurt, especially when they’re unexpected. They are not fun to go through, and they make us wonder why they happened, in the first place. I don’t like them, but look back at the first line of this post - did you look? Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan in every situation, no matter the hurt. 
The bee stings in life cause us to focus and make us ready for the next hard time that comes our way.
Lessons Learned: Never come over, when a bee keeper calls you - disobey and run the other direction. Bee stings really do hurt.
Thoughts: Have you ever been stung?


  1. I have been stung, and unfortunately I have stung others. Oh that I were a bee, and only had one stinger, but alas I have many barbs and have used them too often. 

    Sometimes we are the bee, sometimes we just bump into a bee when we least expect it. Either way, it brings death to one and pain to the other. 
    Amended Lesson to learn: Beware the Bees! LOL! 

  2. Great comments and love the amended Lessons to Learn...nice!


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