Friday, April 27, 2012

You are amazing!

I saw this picture posted on someone’s Facebook status, and I thought you should know it. I think we forget how mazing we are sometimes and we keep our bottom lip read with a “quiver button” most all the time, as we look at our inabilities, lack of success, and failures. 
We forget that God made each of us wonderful, but we end up comparing ourselves to others and we don’t ever fit the right mold. This makes us feel like we’re not worth very much and reminds us of our failures. Usually it hurts and, usually it makes us think about the negatives of our life, rather than the successes. 
Really, I’m not sure we have the right measuring stick, on most days…
We measure by:
Success. What is success anyway? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it position? Is it awards? It’s not about our position in life. It’s not about wealth. It’s not about who we know, who knows us or how many friends we have. It’s not social status. The problem is, we measure our worth by our successes in life.
Spirituality. We often measure this by do’s and don’t’s and that’s not the correct stick either. We look at the fact that we “don’t smoke, don’t chew and don’t go with girls that do,” and we think we’re just fine. Or we think that we checked the right boxes for the day and that makes us good. We read our Bible, we prayed our list, and we said a nice word to someone and so, we are on the right track. 
These are all good things (it’s okay to be successful and it’s certainly good to be spiritually minded), but they aren’t what makes us amazing. It’s all the Lord, and never us. It has nothing to do with us. I know that’s a little harsh, but this isn’t our measuring stick for how we feel about ourselves, or if it is, it’s false.
Maybe we should measure by:
That God wonderfully made us and loves us. I know this is generic. I know it may sound cliche, but it’s a measuring stick that can’t be taken negatively. It’s a stick that always encourages us. It’s a stick that always improves our day. You are amazing!
Who we helped or encouraged. Have you influenced someone? This is truly success and this is truly what makes us amazing. This is a great measuring stick for your value. It doesn’t have to be a ton of people, but are you having an influence on at least one, or those that are around you? You are amazing!
We made it through this day. We too often worry about the next day, week, month or year, and forget about the way we were blessed, helped someone or saw our needs provided for. You are amazing!
2 thoughts I want you to leave with:
  1. Be encouraged that You Are Amazing! No matter what you are going through, or have done wrong, you are still amazing.
  2. Be focused on what really impacts and causes success. It’s the other part that makes you amazing.
Lessons Learned: YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Don't forget it!
Thoughts: What is amazing about you? 

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