Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Work - a four letter word?

I wrote, the other day about how connected we are in life and one other time about connections. There was also this time.
I think that our connections could be influencing us wrong, if were not careful…
I will repeat, that I like technology and that I like social networking, but I’m seeing a trend, that I think could be an issue in people’s lives.
Our online involvement is impacting our work attitude…
How many of us are involved in social networking while at our jobs?
Are you blogging while at work?
Do you take time to Google personal items while on the clock?
On the other side of the concerns that I see that we get so addicted to being online that we neglect our responsibilities in life…
Do you ever put off laundry to check Facebook?
Do you neglect the yard to write a new blog post?
Do you take time to work online, instead of face-to-face with your children?
I don’t think that any of those things are wrong, in and of themselves, but we have to keep a balance. If what you are supposed to be doing is lacking, because you’re focused online, then there’s an issue. 
Lessons Learned: Moderation is a key to living an appropriate balanced life. Keep online, but keep offline too.
Thoughts: Have you ever neglected the important things, in life, for something online?

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