Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Titanic 100 years…

It’s been 100 years since the the Titanic. That’s a long time. Just think - it was the most amazing technological advancement of that day. What has happened in the last 100 years? What advancements have taken place? What changes have occurred?
Wait a minute, how many reading this blog are 100 years old?
How many of you are able to remember the Titanic sinking?
Do you remember 1912? What a great year that was?
We often do this. We consider the past and compare it to the present. It’s not a bad thing, and the last 100 years have shown amazing technological advances and changes. 
We came from where cars could barely run, to cars that park themselves. We came from a time when you could scarcely communicate by letter to where we all Tweet, or update a post, that moment, and the whole world can know immediately. Back in 1912, a single person could know almost all there was to know, about what was written - now, if you want to research frogs, you could spend your lifetime doing it, and not have any way to know it all. 
We’ve gotten to a point where changes occur so quickly, that we can’t possibly keep up with the newest and latest and greatest.
It’s great, that changes have occurred and that we are in the midst of advances beyond our wildest imagination, and I love history, because you can learn so much. 
However, I think that I often focus on the past too much...that’s my fail today.
As I was in the middle of searching for a new career, I had to redo my resume and go over my job history. That’s not easy, not only because, it’s hard to word, in the resume, but because you have to remember all the details of jobs in the past. 

A resume becomes, just a brag book about your history. It’s great to have successes in your life and to show others how your past may be able to help their company’s future, but those successes are often tainted by your own desire to look good. I don't really want to look bad, but we so overemphasize the good, that we forget the bad.
Do you ever put down details on your resume like these?
I am regularly late for work.
I update my FB status at least a dozen times per day, while in the office.
I do not work hard in the afternoon...or in the early morning.
I take 2 hour lunches, whenever possible.
I like to have money, but earning it is a challenge for me.
I don’t like bosses.
I struggle with organization.
I think that I should be able to wear shorts to meetings.
We don’t put those down, in our history. We focus on the successes only. 
I struggle with that - I forget my failures and let people know my successes, meaning. I'm stuck on the pride of me.

As I go over details in my life, I seem to think better of myself than I really am, and I tend to believe I’m deserving of more than I am. I focus so much on just some parts of my past that I forget the reality of who I am some days. It's not bad to let people know your successes, but don't be afraid of letting them know your Titanic failures too...if you learned from them, then they will help you to be more successful in the future.
Lessons Learned: I don’t need to run around stating all my faults, but I need to have a better reality of who I am. Remember that the pride of the Titanic was it's downfall too.
Thoughts: Do you ever have a hard time with thinking you are better than you really are? Is your reality real?

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