Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Did you see it?

Did you see the turkey in this picture? I’ll bet that some of you saw it right away, and others are still looking for it right now. It’s amazing how something can be right in front of our eyes and yet, we miss it. Sometimes, people can point it out and we still can’t see it. It’s like those old pictures they call, “Starreos” where you starred at a picture to see another picture. It’s hard to do because our mind’s get focused on one thing and we just can’t see the other, no matter how hard we try.
We have a lot of things in life like this too…
We tend to have a bit of hard-headedness because we think we are always right. I know that when I make a choice, I think it’s the right choice, and even if someone points out the err of my ways, I don’t see it. It could be because I try to think positive, but I think it’s often because I think that my way is right. 
Do you ever think your way is right, so much, that you don’t see the obvious wrong in the way you are going?
We tend to have a bit of pride that seeps in sometimes, and that causes us not to see the thing we need to see. We hate to admit we’re wrong and we think we’re right, so pride jumps in over top of common sense and our sight is blinded regarding the situation.
Do you ever let pride into your decision-making?
We often get stuck in a mode of single-mindedness and miss the fact that there are other ways to do things in life. We will just go with old faithful and not creatively think through a better way to get something completed. I don’t use a typewriter anymore because a word processor is way more effective than old old school typewriter without spellcheck. Most people don’t crack their cars in the morning with a hand crank to get them started, they just turn a key and let the electronic ignition do its magic. The point is obvious, but we sometimes still don’t see the new way as a possible better way. 
Do you ever let the old school rule, instead of looking a a better new way?
Lessons Learned: Don’t miss the obvious because of your pride, your right thinking or being stuck in the old school.
Thoughts: Did you see the turkeys? 

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