Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something’s missing…again...

Same pic, different thought...

When you look at this picture, what do you see? Or, what don’t you see?
Wait, didn’t I read this one yesterday? Not exactly - thought number two below.
BTW - there were several chairs with this same issue at this location.
What’s missing is often overlooked in life…
Have you ever looked at something (just a hint - this is a link to yesterday's post) and thought, “What’s different about that?”  
You didn’t notice…

You could apply this to anything in life. We miss a lot of things, and, in this case, there was some real danger in missing the leg brace/bracket to this chair, and the one in the picture below too. Honestly, I took a double take to notice the missing piece, so I missed it too.
I thought about applying this to the reality that we don’t know the condition of what we are trusting in life, like a chair, or a bridge we drive over, or the car with a low tire, or any other dangerous thing in life we miss, and I realized that we have faith in our lives much more than I realized. 
We trust in a lot of things each day…
That our car will not catch on fire on the highway - have you ever seen one burn? It’s scary…
That the gas at our hose will not leak.
That the person texting and driving beside us will not crash into us.
That your job will still be there when you arrive in the morning.
That your fridge will keep your food the right temperature.
That your family will be safe all day long.
That you’ll be happy during your day.
That you’ll live a long life.
That the sun will rise in the morning.
That there will be enough of the items you need at Walmart when you get there.
That your paycheck will be in the bank when it’s payday.
That your family will be home when you get there.
That a chair with three legs will hold you up.
Most of these seem nonsensical because you don’t even think about them...you just go about your day. I could go on and on with a list of items we trust everyday and expect to work every time. We trust in these things and we believe these things and many others will act normally in daily situations.
We have faith…
Isn’t it odd that we can trust these little things each day, but we struggle to trust the Lord for…
This list goes on and on too…
Why do we struggle with this? Is it because we don’t really believe? 
Is it because we can’t see the Lord? 
Is it because we have opposition to our faith? 
Is it because we think God isn’t big enough to handle our needs?
Lessons Learned: I don’t have the answer to this one, but it likely includes a mix of all those questions and more. I do know that I struggle with it.
Thoughts: Do you struggle with trust and faith?


  1. Your Walmart comment made me laugh. When Walmart switched to their "just in time" delivery system nation wide about ten years ago, I lost faith that what I need would be there when I need it. I now plan that it won't, and do much of my shopping somewhere else.

  2. Well, that's bad for Walmart, but proves our faith in what we expect. Thanks for reading.


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