Saturday, April 7, 2012

Missionary Skit…

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The video that you see is one that the Senior class of our Christian school produced for one of our missionary families that came in for our Mission’s Conference during the first full week of February. Every year, we have a full week conference and bring in missionaries to introduce them to our church and give them a chance to share their vision and work (or future work). 
During the week, out students take the time to prepare some skits and be an encouragement to the missionaries. Sometimes the skits are touching, sometimes, cute and other times, just funny. In this case, the senior class of the school decided to do their own version of a Veggie Tales song.
It’s funny to see teens this age act out the skit in such a funny fashion, but there’s a more important thought that I gained from this.
Lessons Learned: We impact others around us and we should be focused on encouraging them, not making fun of their differences. Make fun of your own differences instead...
Thoughts: Who have you impacted today?

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