Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stats of thanks…

I’m a stat guy - I like numbers and details and statistics have always fascinated me. They may or may not be important, but I see numbers everywhere. I’m not a psycho, like in the movies, but I think that numbers influence and, in my case they help me.
Here are some numbers I am thankful for today…

Why am I thankful for those numbers?  
Because they are you - my readers! I really can’t believe that anyone reads my blog, but I’m grateful and I hope that, in at least little ways, I have a positive influence on you that read. 
83,000 - approximate total words written in all my posts combined.
10,300 - number of page views that have occurred since I started blogging. 
500 - average number of words in each post.
282 - total comments on my posts.
244 - most views in a single day.
166 - number of posts published to date.
66 - number of different countries that have come to my blog.

62 - average number of page views per each of my posts.
6 - number of months that I’ve been in the blogosphere.
5.3 - average number of viewers that come to any blog on the planet each day - there are approximately 450 million blogs in the world now.
Some of you come by daily, some just once in a while, and some of you have hit this page for the first time today. 
Some of you read just one post, while others spend 30 minutes looking at different posts.
Some of you read and then comment, with others just read.
Some of you share my blog on Facebook, or Google+, and some just tell a friend.
Whatever your reason for coming to my blog, I appreciate the fact that you read it and my hope and prayer is that you are encouraged when you leave it. Wow - I’m a poet and I didn’t know it...
Keep reading and keep commenting. It’s a pleasure to write and share. I really appreciate that you take time to come by.
Lessons Learned: It’s not all about the numbers - it’s all about what the numbers do - influence. Thanks so much for reading and I truly hope you are encouraged when you read.
Thoughts: Are you a numbers person? If my blog influences you, how?


  1. Okay!  God gave me words, He did not give me numbers...that is why I am a writer, not a computer (badum bum).  Seriously, you have a great blog!  And yes, you do encourage your readers.  Being able to influence and encourage people that you do not know or will ever know is a gift from God.  He gave us this wonderful blogging community in order to give each other the support we need in our individual ministries. Those of us who are Christian bloggers have a single goal in common - to share Jesus Christ - and we all have a unique way of doing it.  You do it well with humor and thought provoking insights.  God bless you and keep up the good work!

  2. You are always kind with your comments. Thanks for faithfully reading and sharing.


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