Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supportive Sunday…

I had to alliterate. I couldn't put…
Thankful Sunday
Appreciative Sunday 
Grateful Sunday
Obliged Sunday 
Indebted Sunday
They all work, but alliterating is so much cooler, and you know how cool I am. I’m the ultimate in cool. I’m the ice in your Mountain Dew. I’m the A5 chip in your MacBook Pro. I’m the batteries in your flashlight (wait, who uses a flashlight anymore - we have Apps?. I’m the “chool” in school. You get the picture - alliterating is cool and it obviously comes naturally to, did I go on about me...that’s not too supportive for this Sunday.
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My goal today is not to fail in this important task…

We must be thankful, appreciative, grateful, obliged, indebted and supportive to others and for others.
Today I will make sure that I thank someone for something they did for me, in fact, I’m going to thank five people, with a purpose, not by accident. I can’t forget. I have to do this. It’s one of he most important things that I can do to encourage others. 
You need to, too…
Thank someone for…
How they helped you recently.
How they provided a need.
How they changed your attitude.
How they encouraged you.
How they were thoughtful of you.
How they gave you a chance.
How they helped you learn something you needed to learn.
How they took time for you.
How they impacted you.
How they set an example for you.
How they changed you when you were younger.
How they saw something, in you, that no-one else saw.
How they…
How they…
How they…
Lessons Learned: There are tons of things we can thank someone for, about our lives. Thanks to each of you who read my blog.
Thoughts: Who are you going to thank? What are you grateful for.

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