Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strangers and timing…

The other day, I stopped at a gas station, along the highway, and as I walked in, I saw someone, who I thought I recognized. 
This happens all the time, because I’ve met thousands of people over the last 20+ years in Nashville, and because I’m in sales. I meet new people almost everyday, to the point where it’s hard to remember where I’ve met people, when I see them again.
In many cases, I will say “Hey” to the person that I think I recognize and see if they respond with their memory and say “Hey” back, in away that they know me too. Often, it’s mistaken identity, on my part, but at least, I come across as being friendly, which is important. I may have lifted the spirits of someone, just by being friendly, so it never hurts to add a quick “Hello” and a smile to those we come across everyday.
In this case, the other guy recognized me too…

In fact, he began to talk to me like I had known him for years. He was 100% sure that he knew who I was and that we had a connection, but the problem was, I realized that I didn’t know him. I kindly asked him to remind me of his name, and he came to a dead stop and paused for a moment. Then he gave me his name and told me about his business (he was a barber). 
We both tried to talk through the process of how we knew each other…
Did I ever go to the barber shop? No
Did I golf? No
Do I live near this gas station? No - but not too far off.
Did I…
I asked him some questions too…
Where do you go to church?
Did I ever meet you while selling?
We couldn't figure it out, but I let him talk to me about his business, and he invited me to  come and visit him, so he could earn my business. 
We parted ways with a smile and a handshake.
I don’t think these stranger encounters are accidental. They happen for a may be a simple one, but there’s a reason for ever encounter we have each day.
Could simply be for you to be an encouragement.
Could be for you to invite someone to church.
Could be for someone to be able to share something that’s on their heart.
Could be that you are given a chance to share the Gospel with them.
Could be to create a new connection that opens new doors in life.
Could be that you needed the encouragement.
Don’t look at these stranger meetings as awkward, odd or a bother, look at them as a chance for you or to the other person.
BTW - sometimes you actually see someone you really know, and that’s really an encouragement, especially when you haven’t seen each other in a while. 

BTW2 - I talked to at least 6 people, that I didn't know, in this picture - applying the thoughts today.

Lessons Learned: It’s awesome to both connect and reconnect!
Thoughts: Have you ever met a stranger, that you thought you knew?
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