Friday, May 11, 2012

Always wrong…

Do you ever feel like you’re always wrong?
Does it seems like all your choices are wrong?
How often have you decided to do something and failed?
Do you feel you’re mistake prone?
Do you put your foot in your mouth a lot?
Do you hurt after you make a mistake?
You are completely normal!
We all mess up regularly and fail often. I've talked about wrong before.
We tend to feel negative about ourselves and we always listen to our negative influencers first, rather than our positive influencers. 
We seem to feel we are worse than we are.
We often take the words said to us, in a negative way, rather than just as fact.
We regularly get hurt by what folks say.
We often feel like we’re wrong all the time.
I started to think about this the other day and came to a few conclusions…
We are wrong.
Human nature makes us think we are always correct, so we immediately defend ourselves when we are told we’re wrong about something. We make mistakes and we choose wrong ideas and thoughts all the time. We don’t always choose right - we think we do, but we don’t. 
We fail all the time, but we think we’re succeeding. We are not always on the winning side of life.
We hate to admit we’re wrong.
We don’t like to be told we failed. It hurts. It’s embarrassing. It’s a sign of weakness. It’s flat out not fun.
We don’t admit it because we think it shows that we are worse than we are. We should admit it, because people see us as genuine and we can impact their lives, only when we are genuine. 
Real people have real impact (you can quote me on that one ;))
We fail to communicate correctly.
We don’t always come across like we want to. We think we’re being thoughtful, but it comes across as selfish. We think we’re impacting positively, but we actually hurt someone. We try to influence someone with kindness, but they take it the opposite way of what we want them to.
When miscommunication happens, we need to take the fault.
“What, are you crazy? I had good intentions. Why should I take the blame?”
If you want to influence people, then taking the humblest route will almost always benefit the other person. 
Who cares if it’s not the way you want? 
Why not use the communication issue to build the relationship, rather than argue about who’s correct and fail in the friendship, work relationship, family or any other connections?
If you don’t care about the person you are communicating with, then go ahead and fight it out, because you were right anyway. Didn’t that sound absolutely ridiculous? It’s what we do a lot though…
Lessons Learned: Go ahead and be wrong. Fail to communicate sometimes. Just take it and turn it around to influence others.
Thoughts: Are you always wrong? Do you feel that pain? Have you fixed it? Have you impacted?

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