Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hard trying…

Have you ever tried something really hard? 
Have you ever worked towards a large goal?
Have you ever focused on a task, that was little larger than you realized?
Have you ever _____________ ?
You fill in the blank. You add your hard thing. You add the big challenge.  You put the tried goal right there…

I think goals are important and I like to set some lofty goals. I sometimes set goals that are way beyond what I can handle, in the time that I allot for them.
I often think I can get something done that I really can’t, at least not in one afternoon.
Some of you know I set several goals for 2012, well, just five, but they aren’t easy goals, and they’re taking longer than I thought they would. 
They’re harder work than I thought. 
They’re more involved than I thought. 
They’re hard work. 
They’re just hard.
I’m not complaining, because, as a reminder, these are my goals, and I set them. They’re my fault and if I fail in them, it’s my fault. That being said, they’re still hard and I’m “hard trying” to get them done.
Here they are:
They’re my “Finish Goals” because I want to finish them this year. I’ve added progress notes behind them.
1. Finish by continuing the blog I started two months ago all year in 2012. I have written every day this year, but, my word, is this harder than I thought. It’s not always easy to come up with thoughts for writing a post, and some of mine post “Stinketh” this year.
2. Finish by learning new technology this year. I love this one, but it’s hard to keep up with all that’s out there, so I’ve had to be choosy with what I learn. I now work in telecom again, and I’m learning a lot of new technology with what I do there, but it’s work to keep up. This one is a personal passion, so the hard is a little easier than other goals. This reminds me that goals should be fun too.
3. Finish by writing my first book in 2012. I think I just heard you laugh...that wasn’t nice, but I get it. I’ve never written a book before, so I didn’t have any idea what this would take. I actually wrote almost 4,500 words, so far, but that could be only 10% of the book and it equates to 6 ½ chapters - short chapters - who likes to read anyway? This one is very tough and I’m going to have to try harder to finish this one.
4. Finish by leading the best Mission's Conference yet the first full week of February 2012. I really messed up on this goal - I mean, it’s a good goal, but I can’t achieve the results, because the results aren’t mine. They’re the people who attended, and I can’t touch hearts, all I can do is organize. I worked hard at the goal, and I think the details came together, but I have no measuring stick for the goal. I will tell you, it was the best week of the year, for me though - I love our conference and love the privilege of leading it.
5. Finish by creating a second source of income in 2012. If you've been reading my blog in the last two months, you know, that not only do I not have a second source of income, but I was downsized from my first source. I do have a job now, but it’s been m main focus, so this one will come along later, I guess. By the way, this one is very hard - you don’t just hit the start button on the microwave, and “poof” you have more income rolling in - that would be a great source though…

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Lessons Learned: Keep setting goals, but don’t think they’re easy, just because you write them down.
Thoughts: Do you have some “hard trying” goals?

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