Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leadership is you?

Who wants to follow you, not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social network?
Are you followable? 
Do people look to you for help and answers?
Are you approachable?
Do others want you to lead them?
My title is “Leadership is you?” The question mark is on purpose. 

This concept of “you” is taught regularly by many folks... 
You have to be a dynamic leader.
You have to be a harder worker.
You have to get more organized.
You have to have a certain style.
You have to have a certain message.
You, you, you, and more you.
You may need some improvements to impact folks - that’s all good, but leadership is not, I repeat NOT about you.
It’s about them!
They are the ones that look to you for help.
They are your children.
They are your coworkers.
They are your friends.
They are your customers.
They are the strangers you bump into.
They are not you!
You will become the greatest leader, only when others are counted more than you.
You heard me (wait, you read me)…
Count others, then count you!
Don’t count their relationship as the money you will earn from them.
Don’t count them as a new connection.
Don’t count them as a way to the top.
Don’t count them as next link in the chain to your success.
Don’t count them as a trophy.
Don’t count them after you count you.
Put others first and make time to impact them. 
Figure out ways to count their needs prior to your needs. 
Figure out ways to help them, without payback in mind. 
Figure out ways to change their lives for the better. 
Figure out ways to take them to the next level.
Figure out ways to make their life better than it is today.
Figure out ways to take them from defeat to dreams.
We have to stop living life about us and live life about the others around us. That attitude is the only way that will make us better. Selfishness will not only kill dreams around us, it will kill our dreams too.
Lessons Learned: Make others better after they meet you. Get the “You” out.
Thoughts: How have you given up “You?”
The first picture forces leadership - this one draws others to you by serving!

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