Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is everything okay?

This question can be taken in numerous ways.
Are you okay personally, professionally, within your family, financially…the list goes on?
It can also be taken in the area of standards…
We are in a very different world today, than my parents, or grandparents. 
We live in a now society, that knows everything that’s going on and has incredible numbers of connections.
We live in a time, where styles change at a pace, that very few can keep up-to-date.
We have technology that outpaces, even our wildest imaginations.
We have many laws, but common sense seems to be limited.
We have a focus on allowing everything, but I’m not sure everything is right.
So, is everything okay?

It seems like everything that used to be fringe is mainstream today. You can believe anything you like, and it becomes part of pop culture. You can stand for any right, that you believe, and it’s okay in everyone’s book.
Aren’t there things that are “Right?”
Aren’t there things that are “Wrong?”
If we have no standard, then how can can we live in a society? As a family? As a church? As a government? 
Is chaos the norm? Does chaos really work?
Some examples…
It used to be inappropriate for business people to cuss, use vulgar or foul language, or swear - whatever way you want to word this. If you said something, like this, in a meeting, you would likely not be part of future meetings, or the sale. Now, it’s the norm and expected, and if you don’t use those words, then you are out of the loop. Maybe I’m old school, but I still think my language affects others and influences what people think about me and my reputation.
It used to be wrong for guys to stare at a female. Now it’s not only the norm, but encouraged and done as a group. Doesn’t that belittle women and make them an object, rather than what God created them to be? I think it’s inappropriate.
It used to be that only those on the fringe of society were involved in cults and ritualisms that had evil intent. Now, it’s on TV regularly - vampires, witches, strange mind readers and the lot. Why is this part of the norm? Is this okay? I know most of it is make believe, but doesn’t this draw us away from the truth?

This could go on to many levels with many topics, but it seems that standards are changing rapidly in the wrong direction...
We have standards in math, sciences, english and technology, but not in morals? Not in areas that impact our lives and our children’s lives?
What’s the truth?
I hope that you can find it. It’s simple and has been the standard since creation. It all started with a Word and it’s all in God’s Word. It’s the standard, and when you apply His Word to all situations in life, you don’t have the fringe as part of the norm. You don’t have the inappropriate, that now becomes the appropriate. You don’t have chaos - you have peace.

Do you have peace? Do you have chaos?
Lessons Learned: Not everything is okay. Standards are needed. Standards make lief consistent and peaceful.
Thoughts: What do you see that is now okay, that wasn’t?

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