Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time for a trim…

Can you believe the excellence in the manicure (or would it be pedicure, because they were closer to my feet? - I’m really not sure), I gave the bushes, in front of my house (it took hours to get the white one, in the bottom picture, perfectly cylindrical). I may need to change careers...wait, I just did
I should have taken a before picture, since these bushes had shot up within a few weeks this Spring. They weren’t ridiculous, but they needed to be trimmed up so they didn’t look shabby.
I have to do that same thing with my beard - well, I don’t have a beard, but I do shave for work and church, so that I look sharp - or as sharp as is possible with me - wait again, my chiseled chin looks pretty rugged, so, sharp I am! 
We also need to get haircuts, because our hair gets out of line within a few weeks. I am not growing the afro-mullet back. It was amazing, back in the day, but it’s gone now.
Trims are needed regularly, and they are just cleaning up loose ends and tidying up areas that are not neat.

I wrote a couple days ago, about swinging the axe, but sometimes it's just a trim that's needed.
What other areas do we need to trim up?

Do you need to have a trim in your daily Bible reading? I don’t mean to shorten it, but to get it in line and make sure that you’re focusing on a plan, or really growing from your reading. Making sure that you are having a daily time in God’s Word. It’s hard to do, but if you don’t trim this up, and make it count, you will struggle daily. Is the Bible an area you need tightened up?
Do you need a trim in how you treat others? We all think we treat others well. I can’t imagine someone purposefully treating others poorly (I know it happens, but that’s not my point here). I know that I come across harshly more often than I should and if I don’t trim that, then how am I really doing in the area of others? Maybe you struggle with being too shy - we aren’t all extroverts, but it’s important to come out of your shell to encourage others regularly. Are others, in your life, an area that needs some attention?
Do you need a trim in the time you spend online, or just being connected? This seems silly being posted in a blog, but I recently pulled back on some things to balance my time with “real people” and my time online with articles, blogging, even Angry Birds (I know you are shocked). We live in a connected world and it’s hard to pull away completely, but it has to be - I repeat - it has to be balanced. How much time do you spend online or connected?
We could go on and on with the areas that need trimming…
Prayer…again, not cutting back, but focusing…do you have a plan and time? Time for a trim! you purposefully encourage others, or did you trim that the wrong direction? Time for a trim! you spend more energy on work or your family? Time for a trim!
Hobbies...we all have hobbies, some are small, some are large, but how much time is spent on them? Time for a trim!
Take time to access your current you and trim up the areas that need to be adjusted, whether they are little or great. You will look and feel so much better when you get that trim!
Lessons Learned: Everything can get out of balance, if we’re not careful. Trim the right things to make them better and trim out the bad things to get rid of them.
Thoughts: What’s an area that you need to trim?

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