Thursday, May 3, 2012

Food and ferns…

What a weird topic title!
You can’t eat ferns, or maybe you can? With all the "froufrou" (I know that means rustling of silk, like a dress, but I use it like “fancy”) salads, or meals, out there nowadays, maybe there is fern salad…
Grilled chicken fern salad with vinaigrette dressing.
Fern and friends salad.
Fried fern with fries (anything’s good with fries).
Fern and spinach salad.
Fern a la mode.
You get the picture.
I bring up the two words in the title today, because of God’s provision, not because I’m hungry, although I can eat most anytime, and the fries comment has me thinking, “McDonald's run” right now.
It’s amazing to me how God provides:

The big things - our needs. 
He provides the basic important needs we have each day - food, shelter, clothing, love, encouragement, strength.  He takes care of those things with His amazing hand of supply. He doesn’t run out of these things to give each day, as we trust Him. He just gives, even though we don’t deserve His help. 
I mentioned, a few weeks ago, in my post entitled “Answers and Fear” about how God provides our needs, and how He uses others to help us along the way. He’s still providing for my family, and I’m so thankful. I still fail with “Stupid Worry” but the Lord constantly steps in and helps me. My problem is, that I worry way too far into the future, and I don’t worry about today - my fail is, I shouldn't worry about either. 
The little things - our wants.
This is the, even more, amazing thing to me. God loves us so much that He often provides our wants too! We definitely don’t deserve these, but He constantly does this for us too. Why does God bless us with the extras? I don’t fully know, but I know that He loves His children, and He gave the gift of salvation, so the other little gifts are just icing on the cake ,or maybe just sprinkles on the icing, or maybe they’re just the candles?
This is where the title comes in today…
Food - God has blessed me with a job that provides some free lunches and coffee (you know how much I love coffee) a couple of days per week. That’s just His extra blessing for me. He also had someone give us a gift card to Applebee’s - very cool surprise. Food is a need, and in my case, a want too...maybe too large a want...
Ferns - We usually buy some ferns from the senior class - it helps their fundraising and it helps add to the front walkway of our house. We decided to forego this for this year, to save a little in the budget, due to the tightness, form my downsizing. Not a big deal, but my wife really likes ferns and the way they look in the two pots she has at the bottom of the steps. 
This is where the cool part comes in. I was at lunch the other day, and she called and asked if I got her some ferns. I told her that I didn’t, and she said there were two ferns nicely placed in our pots, outside. Someone got us ferns, put them in the pots, and never even told us about it. My wife was pleasantly surprised and blessed.
Lessons Learned: I’m thankful for how He gives us the extras and the needs too. God is so GOOD!
Thoughts: How have you seen God’s provision? What “ferns” has He given you?

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