Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snappy dresser…

Yes I am! Just look at this outfit. I was headed to a discotheque to show some of my fine dance moves, just a few minutes after this photo. Look at my right hand - it’s ready to bust a move - I’m holding it back. My Buster Brown bowling shoes are ready to tear it up.
There are a lot of reminders that come along with an old picture…
This picture reminded me that trends change constantly, and marketers love to see it happen, because it makes them more money.
It also reminded me of childhood. We really didn't care what we wore, too much.

Man, was I a handsome little devil!
It reminded me that psychedelic argyle and wide collars are on the way back in.
I was reminded that you should never mix burnt orange carpet, red and white checks, and taupe lava lamp curtains together. 
The bowling elevator shoes work, no matter the occasion.
Even though the trends change and the styles come and go and come back agin, there are a few things that never change. Here are a few...and not just death and taxes...

Our influence over others.
We will always impact those around us. We don’t even have to try. It will be positive, or it will be negative, but we will influence the people we touch in life. We can choose the course our impact takes, if we’re careful and plan a strategy of how we want to change those around us, or we can selfishly run our race with a complete focus on us alone.
Whether we like it or not, we will have people above us, below us and right beside us that will look up to us for what we do. We will be a role model, and people are watching what we do each day. We may not like that pressure, but we are changing those around us. 
How are you influencing people?
The reality of failure.
We will not always succeed, no matter what our resume says. We will fall flat on our faces sometimes and make huge glaring mistakes. We will destroy opportunities that could have been great. We will try things that we think are good, and have good intentions, but will fall through our fingers in failure.
This is so encouraging.
The great part of failure is that we can bounce back and try again or try something new. Failure doesn’t have to be the end. It should be just the beginning. We should fail and get back on the bicycle to become a success the next time. We can get better.
How are you failing today? And picking yourself back up?
The truth that God loves us.
I’m so glad that this truth doesn’t change. We may fail in our influence, but God will still love us and help us through our lives. We may fail at the things we try, but God is right there to pick us up. We may hit a hurdle that’s so tall, we can’t seem to jump it, but God will help us through.
We can’t avoid His love, even if we want to. We can’t avoid His hand of help, because it’s always outstretched to take ours, when we need it. 
How has God’s love helped you lately? Are you letting Him?
When things seem to be constantly changing around us, remember the things that don’t change. Remember that God loves you.
Lessons Learned: There are absolutes in life. Are you a snappy dresser? 
Thoughts: What other things don’t change? Other than death and taxes?

Why did we develop a pic with my eyes closed?

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