Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Donate food...

I saw this sign and was immediately excited.
I love food. I have it in a couple of other posts...Food and ferns...BBQ...Microwaves...
I like to at at most any time, any day. 
Food is good. 
It encourages people to get together. It nourishes our bodies. It tastes wonderful (except for asparagus - not wonderful). It creates mood. 
There's another way to look at donating food...
Food can be defined as more than just what we eat. It's any nutritious substance or something that warrants serious consideration. 
Here's some food for thought...

Food nourishes.
Nourishment sustains us and others. It helps our health, growth and condition. If we are feeding folks the right food, then we are a healthy choice for their lives. We become a factor that changes them for better, by feeding people nourishing helps in life. Some focus on nourishing their own needs, and forget others - they are still giving out food, but they aren't nourishing people. 
Is your food nourishing?
Food brings together.
Most meals are not eaten alone. Meal times alone are often boring. Meals eaten together are usually full of thought, plans, reminiscing, goals, laughter, maybe tears sometimes, but they are interacting. People are changed by time with food. I know that food is not the change maker, but it brings them into a position, where change can occur. 
Another though on this, is that the food we distribute either causes unity or it causes disunity. Our words and actions feed others. 
Does your food bring people together?
Food tastes wonderful.
When you eat, your taste buds are motivated and excited. When someone takes time to nourish you with motivation, encouragement, strength, or help, then it's wonderful. It impacts lives in a way that is lasting, beneficial and deep.
Some people try to feed others with discouragement, defeat and focus on building themselves up, by tearing others down. These folks have bad food.
Does the food you give out taste wonderful?
Food creates mood.
Maybe it's not the food itself, but the atmosphere of where the food is served. 
The high class restaurant, with it's high priced food, gives a setting of elegance or sophistication, that causes people to feel successful and mature. 
The greasy spoon, with it's simple home cooked food, allows for a relaxed atmosphere, giving people freedom to laugh out loud and express themselves. 
The fast food restaurant, with it's simplistic ordering structure, allows for a quick and focused meal, making people feel they are accomplishing tasks quickly and I expensively. 
We create mood too. We feed folks with food that gives off an odor of some sort. We impact people with our words and actions and cause a mood of some sort.
What mood is cared by your food?
Lessons Learned:  Every sign has a meaning. We all have an impact as we feed others.
Thoughts: Have you considered how you feed others? How have you fed those around you?

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  1. Great motivating thoughts! 

  2. TC - you just fed me with your kind words. We all need food. Thanks a bunch for reading.

  3. You're welcome, have a great day!


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