Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have you flipped?

I read a post last week that discussed the tipping and flipping point, with regards to business, where an idea goes from being, just an idea, to something that people gravitate towards and get involved in.
Facebook had a tipping point, where it took off to be a great success in connecting people.
Instagram had a flipping point, where it went from a quirky idea to a $1,000,000,000 sale. Yes, that's the correct number of zeros...
Satellite radio had a point where the idea went from a good thought to something that is in most new cars now.
There are tipping and flipping points in our lives, where we change from one course of action, train of thought, or life plan, to one that’s better.

THis post is not about tips or business. Also, this past post is a funny fail with a big tip at the end. it also happens to be my first post ever...
We also influence other’s in their tipping and flipping points…

We all fail in this.
We miss opportunities to impact lives around us.
We miss the chance to help someone tip or to help someone flip.
We need to help others get to the point where they’re ready to go to the next step in life. We need to flip them or tip them to the next area of commitment, or challenge, or encourage them to take that next step in growth. We need to help them filter through the tough times in our world and keep them moving forward.
How can we help people tip or flip to the next level? 6 ways...
Spend some time with them. Time has a huge influence and it proves you care. As you regularly spend time with people they entrust you with needs you can help them with.
Show them you really care. Don’t fake people out for your benefit. Do things for people that will actually help them. Make your relationship personal and practical, for them.
Ask them a hard question. Make them think about what they’re doing, so they don’t just follow the status quo or stay in a track that hurts them. Ask them open ended questions to make sure they’re not fooling themselves into the wrong path.
Lead them in the right direction. We all need leadership. Take the experiences that God has given you and use them to help another. You can see direction that someone else might not. 
Assist them in seeing the weakness of what they are doing. We only think we’re right, most of the time. We often miss our weaknesses and don’t see our failures. Gently help others see the light of what they are struggling with.
Help blossom their strengths, so they use what God has given them. We all have strengths, and just like weaknesses, we don’t always see them. Help others take the seed they have and blossom it into a great strength in their lives.
Who can we help to tip or flip?
This depends on your sphere of influence, your age, your current ministry involvement, your desire to help others, and your personality, but we can impact people. this, however, is an endless list.
It may be the teen that’s missing a parent in their home.
It may be the elderly person that just lost their spouse.
It may be the person you bump into in business, that needs a little encouragement.
It may be the married couple that’s going through a hard spot in their marriage.
It may be the person, who is doing great, but you can help get to the next step.
We all have opportunity to help others and get them to tip or flip to the next important level in life. We have to take advantage of the privilege, we have to impact others and make their lives better than they are right now. We have to change people, rather than just focus inward.
Lessons Learned: Flipping isn’t just for houses, it’s for people too.
Thoughts: Who have you tipped lately?

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