Monday, May 28, 2012

Ingenuity and the traffic light...

Recently, I was stuck at a traffic light at a very large intersection. I was mad that I got stuck, when the person in front of me got to go through the light - that always bugs me. 
There were two different men selling $1 newspapers to support themselves. This goes on at many large intersections in Nashville. 
Without getting into the history of this too much, it basically started as a way to stop those that were begging for money at corners, and allow them to have some organization, structure and a job, rather than just stand there. They now sell these newspapers as their job.
This is not easy...many people just pass by, or assume negative things. I'm in sales and know how challenging it is to sell under any conditions, but this sale is tough. BTW, it was 91 degrees at the time of the picture.
Whenever I see someone doing this, I think that it's great they are doing something to help meet their needs and that this may be the stepping stone to their next role in life.
Today's thought takes that to the next level...

The picture today shows a man that's taking his situation to the next level. While I was waiting at the traffic light, I though the was finishing his shift, because he reached over to the pedestrian button to change the light to green.  He wasn't doing that at all. He went right back to his spot to sell. He wasn't just hitting the button to cross the street, he was trying to use the button to stop traffic, so he could sell more.
He was using the available technology to be more effective in his role. 
It made me wonder a few things about me.
Am I using ingenuity to be more effective in my role? He could have just stood there waiting on the next customer, but he was bringing customers in the door to him.
Do I work smarter rather than just harder? He figured outa better way to get his job done, that was more effective than the plan given to him.
Do I just hope that life comes to me, rather than going for it? He went after his goals, instead of just waiting on them.
Do I waste time, instead of impacting? He was impacting others with the newspaper, himself by earning an income, and if he has a family, they were gaining from his efforts too.    
Do I care enough about my roles in life, to get better at them? Most would consider this a menial task, yet he decided to care enough to do a better job.
What motivated him to do more, when nothing indicated that he was being watched? It had to be intrinsic. He had to be personally motivated internally to be a good employee and not just in front of his boss.
I was convicted by the actions I saw that day, and I'm glad the Lord had me in that spot, at that time.
Lessons Learned: Glad I got stuck at the light that day. Glad I can learn from everyone.
Thoughts: Do you work like that man? Are you ingenious?

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