Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lead is a 4 letter word…#2

Continuing with the 4 letter lead series today. Four letter words are not always negative and they can be a great help to you, if you allow them to be.

(I will not have these up everyday, but every couple or few days - they're a little longer and I know your time is valuable.)
Let me remind you it takes WORK (a dreadful four letter word) to get to where you want to be in life.
Keep moving forward towards your goals and don’t let the challenges distract you.
If you missed yesterday’s word, you can see it here - LOST...
Todays word is SEEK - S.E.E.K…
S - Seeking critique, not criticism is okay!
Your dream doesn’t need approval!
I repeat, your dream doesn’t need approval!
You can ask for people to help you define your dream, but don’t look for, ask for, or focus on the criticism. 
The person who criticizes often holds one, or more, of these poor characteristics:
Envy - They want what you have, and don’t have it, so they don’t want you to have it either. Walk away form them...kindly, but walk away.
Self-focus - They want to put themselves above others, and you’re included. I wouldn't associate with this type of person, as they will pull you down.
An uncaring spirit - They don’t really care to help others in their dreams. You try to encourage them, but don’t let them impact your goals.
The person who critiques often holds one, or more, of these good characteristics:
Others first - They want to see others succeed and will give advice to assist them in growing their dreams. They will take time to help another to get to the next level in life, business, family and ministry.
Exhorter - This is a great mix! It has the desire to encourage, but also to warn about the pitfalls that could be coming. These types of people don’t discourage dreams, but funnel them.
Impacter - This person is intently focused on changing the world around them and changing lives along the way. They don’t just sit back and watch, they jump in and help you go forward with your plans.
E - Eagerly Seek your dream, if it’s right!
Duh! This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people have dreams, but don’t actually go after them.
Although, some people have a dream, but never move forward. You have to really want it, to make your dream happen. You can’t sit on the comfy couch and have your dream come true. It takes a lot of work to get a dream moving, and you have to be an eager beaver to get it done. You may need someone to be behind you kicking you once in a while to help this.
I added the “if it’s right” because for these two reasons:
  1. If it’s not a good thing, then it’s a wrong dream. Dreaming of robbing a bank, to become rich, is not a good dream.
  2. If it’s not really your dream, then you shouldn't go forward either. You can’t take another’s dream and be excited about it.
  3. Are there huge negative consequences that occur because of your dream? You may need to rethink the dream.

E - Seek expertise to grow your dream!
You have a great dream, and you likely have a great skill-set within your dream role and plans, but you don’t know it all yet (none of us ever really do). You need a group of counsellors to help you get your dream rolling. These people need to be creative, supportive, but honest people that will help you get your dream rolling, keep your dream rolling and make it sustainable.
These people must be in it for you and not for financial gain alone - BTW - nothing wrong with gaining from your dream. They can be involved in the financial part, but they truly need to have your heart in mind, as they help you. They can’t just look at the dollar sign. You may have to pay folks that help you along the way, but you likely have a group of people that are trustworthy and can help you.
You need people to help you, and you may have some that offer, but aren’t the right ones. Carefully pick these people.
K - Seek a Keeper audience to impact!
Dreams should not just be about you. They need to be about others too, and if they are, your dream will likely go a lot further. Many dream to be rich, but serving others often causes you to become richer, because of the impact on others. 
Zig Ziglar said it best “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” 
Now you have to find folks that have a similar or same dream like you, or they need help, or motivation, or have a need for you to fill with your dream. If you are helping them, they they will latch onto your dream and become involved followers.
Lessons Learned: SEEK those that can help you and those that you can help, with your dream.
Thoughts: Are you SEEKing your dream?

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