Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Self portraits and our me world…

In the mirror, she's smiling at a picture of herself...

I’m sick of it. 
Call me old fashioned.
Call me a dork.
Call me any name you like, but I can’t stand all the self portraits and pics that are all over social media. 
People are stuck on themselves…

We change our profile pictures to some ridiculous things - I know, you’re saying, Craig has a self portrait for his social media sites too, but I promise, I don’t sit and take dozens of shots to have online. In fact, I think my pics are pretty weak, but I don’t do these...
Pictures of guys trying to look tough…
Girls pursing their lips...what is the purpose?
Glamor shots…
Making goofy faces - please help me to understand why you want a goofy picture of yourself?
Some folks have dozens of pics of themselves on their phones and sites and they each look about the same...out of focus, and with the same look on their face.
I play a little bit with all this, because we should likely have a decent, reasonable picture for our sites, but why do people have an obsession with their own picture?
You can’t see it, but in the photo above, I was waiting in a line of traffic and I saw two ten girls taking several pictures of themselves in their car, in front of me. They kept posing, taking pics and reviewing their photos, while smiling and giggling. 
I think social media may be causing us to become self-focused and self-centered.
Everything becomes about me...look back at my Sunday and Tuesday posts this week...there is a “ME” problem in our world.
I know we should be different and stand out in our world, but all those crazy shots have become the same and not different. 
They are also drawing us to ourselves with self-worship and narcissism - we have to fight that and focus on others.
We can’t keep looking at ourselves, Googling ourselves, taking more pictures of ourselves, telling others how great we are or what we’ve done. 
We need to look at others and help them, not us.
Finally, it’s not just others, it’s me too. When someone shows me a group picture, who do I look for? ME - not others, just me! I need to look at the next group photo and say to the person that’s showing it “You look great in that picture!” Hopefully that will curb my focus on me...
Lessons Learned: Stop the madness of “YOU” and focus on the hearts of “OTHERS!”
Thoughts: Be honest, how many goofy pics of you do you have?

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