Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freshen up…

Every morning (unless you work the night shift) you get up and get cleaned up for the day. During the day you likely check the mirror just to be sure that you don’t have salsa on your shirt, or a burgeoning zit (that’s for the teens, I hope), or your hair is messed up, or your…
We freshen up regularly.
We take showers to clean the dirt away.
We add cologne or perfume to create a better smell.
We spray our cars and couches to get rid of bad odors.
We comb our hair to look presentable.
We read a book to get up-to-date on a topic, or get motivated.
We go to a seminar to learn the newest, latest and greatest.
We go to church to get filled up with right and lose the wrong.
We brush our teeth, so we don’t create enemies.
We often refresh.

Most of us do this, however, I’ve seen some that don’t, and it can really hurt, especially, spiritually. 
Spiritual refreshing takes a few things…
We need to pray. Take time to talk to the Lord. There is no special way to do it. Just share your thoughts, heart and mind. Ask Him to help you with any struggles or issues that you’re dealing with. Ask Him to supply any needs that you have. Ask Him to take care of your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others. Tell him how you’re feeling today and let Him take care of you. 
The relevance of prayer is always underestimated!
We need to read God’s Word. You share with the Lord in prayer and He shares back with you from His Word. The Bible is the way God helps us grow, change and mature spiritually. It’s also the way we learn the most important lessons in life. God’s Word is the only book that can truly change your life and refresh you.
The power of God’s Word is always under-thought!
We need to be in church with other Christians. Church allows for us to hear good preaching. Church allows us to be with others that believe the way we do. Church allows us to be encouraged by others that may be in the same boat we are in. Church is not a place for the perfect - it’s a place for the sick, hurting and those needing help.
The impact of belonging to a local  church is greatly under-experienced. 
We need to minister to others. Life is about ministry. Life is not about ourselves. We have the opportunity to freshen up spiritually by helping others and impacting their lives. If we don’t, we’ve missed an incredibly important part of our lives. If you’re impacting others, you’re likely not worrying about your problems or difficulties and refreshing your spirit.
The impact of ministry is highly under-appreciated. 
We have to want to be refreshed. Sometimes, folks get to a point where they don’t care anymore and want to float along in life. You will never be refreshed spiritually, if you don’t want to. You have to want to. You have to desire to get going spiritually. You have to want to grow closer to God.
Lessons Learned: Refreshing needs to be done in every area of life. 
Thoughts: Are you refreshed?

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