Saturday, May 26, 2012


I’m still amazed that you come to my blog.
More than that, I’m grateful that you do.
I truly hope that what I share everyday, is a blessing, an encouragement, a motivation, or maybe a conviction to you.
I take a risk to put my thoughts out for all to view and I’m appreciative for the support that you have given me.
Some of my posts have likely been boring.
Some have likely drawn a yawn.
Some have you disinterested in the first line.

Some may have had you laughing.
Some have encouraged you.
Some have made you think.
Even though some of you are reading regularly, you may have missed some of the most popular posts.  Below are the top 20 of the over 200 that were written. 
Some are funny, some are encouraging, and some may motivate...
Check a couple out and give me some feedback.
Really - give me some feedback.
Seriously - write a simple response down for me.
It would help me to improve, or learn, or just be encouraged…
Lessons Learned: You are too kind to read my blog.
Thoughts: What would you write about?

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