Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pews are for service…

Sunday’s are not for going to church!
Just lost 18 followers, 12 daily readers and most all of my FB friends with that comment!
Sundays are for service. 
Sundays are for ministry.
Sundays are for others.
We often fail on Sundays. We go to church with the wrong attitudes and desires…
Why do you go to church? If you don’t go, you might want to start, and then go with the right reasons in mind.

Going to church is not about me.
Of course, I need to grow in the Lord, refresh my commitment to Him, be encouraged, be convicted, be in fellowship, and be faithful, but church is not about me.
I can’t be a pew sitter. The pews don’t need my help - people do.
If I go to church to gain, then I become ineffective as a Christian. 
If I go to church to serve, I follow the example of Jesus and impact others.
If I attend a service with a selfish attitude, I’m pretty sure I’m sinning - check me on that, because it’s true.
We should be in church to serve.
Even if you are in need of great help form your church, you can be a help to others in return. Most every church has ministry needs that you can step into. You don’t have to have huge abilities and leadership skills…
  • Help in the parking lot.
  • Assist in the nursery.
  • Volunteer to set up.
  • Get with the maintenance team to see if you can clean up something.
  • Be involved with the prayer team.
Every service should be about service.
Even if you serve in ministry areas at your church, the services that you end up sitting in should be about service. Here are some ways you can be a blessing…
  • Pray with someone prior to the service or after.
  • Take time to meet someone new and welcome them to the service.
  • Knuckle bump a teen and make them smile.
  • Impact a young person with a kind word or motivation.
  • Pay attention during the service - tweeting is not paying attention.
  • Pray for the Pastor.
I think the point that I started with “Sundays are not for going to church!” now makes more sense. There are so many needs in a church and we can help with those needs. 
I know I’ve failed with this and just sat to gain, instead of going to serve. Make it a challenge to change the way you look at going to church. Change a life, other than just you, when you attend your service.
BTW - it makes church more meaningful and fun when you serve instead of just go.
Lessons Learned: We can’t go to church without trying to impact others or we’re missing opportunities to change lives.
Thoughts: Why do you go to church?

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