Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surveillance and the sign…

I saw this sign a while back and then I looked at the building. It had at least 6 or 7 of this same sign posted at each door and along the main outside walls.
My immediate reaction?
Where are the cameras?
Did they have a camera at each door? On each corner of the building? On a pole?
I looked around and didn’t see a single camera, anywhere.
What’s the message?
The signs may be more valuable than the cameras. 
I have been told before, that when someone thinks that they are being watched, they improve their behavior. Sometimes having a sign around will change behavior. Should it really take that?
The cameras may be hidden. 
I didn’t see any cameras anywhere, but that doesn’t give me a license to do as I please.  It doesn’t mean that no-one was watching what was going on, just because I couldn't find a camera.
Tell the truth.
If there weren’t andy cameras, then the signs would be a lie. I hate that. If you have a sign that says one thing, but it’s false, then you are lying to me - not cool. I notice people doing this kind of thing all the time. They lie to get the results they want - it’s a callous way to live life and eventually it will hurt someone.
On the other hand…
We are being watched. 
We need to watch what we do, because what we do, impacts others. This should be on the top of our heads all the time. We may not even mean to be doing something wrong, but if someone sees us and thinks we are doing wrong, our testimony and impact on them, and maybe others can be destroyed. We are being watched by those near us. How are you acting?
Who are we watching and learning from?
Just like we are being watched, we watch others everyday. We need to learn form others and be aware of those around us. We can learn from their failures. We can learn from their successes. We have to be cautious that we choose the best of the best to watch thought. If not, we could get sucked into a life pattern that could draw us down into a spiral of failure.
What are we do to help others that we watch? 
Are we letting them fail without helping them? I hope not.
When you see an accident occur, should you drive by? Should be calling 911.
When someone robs a store right in front of you, do you stare and let it happen? Better not.
When you see someone being overly unkind to another, do you stand by? No way.
This is so important. We will see others fail. We must help them. Sometimes they are screaming out for help, but most times they are failing in misery. We can’t do it alone and they can’t either. If we see someone hurting, then jump in and help them. Take a minute, an hour, several meetings or even your lifetime to help them out. We all need mentors, and helpers to get through in life. WE need to help others not burn them.
Lessons Learned: We need to help others. We need to be truthful. We need to be aware of those around us - we can learn form them and they can learn from us.
Thoughts: Are you helping others that you see?

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  1. Sometimes a $5 sign is worth a $5,000 security system...


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