Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our American flag in the wind…

When the wind blows the flag unfurls and you see the stars and stripes. It’s a patriotic sight and makes you proud of your country.
In a storm, the flag stands tall and proud and shows it’s colors.
The toughest time for a flag is when it gets whipped around by the wind, and yet that’s when it is strongest.
What about you?
What wind is blowing hard in your life right now?
Are you having a hard time standing in the wind?

Watch the video below...

The flag has some advantages to give it strength in the wind.
It’s flexible.
It’s thin.
It waves.
It seems to smile as it waves.
It doesn’t focus on the wind. It focuses on showing its colors.
I think we can apply this to our own lives too.
Are you flexible? 
When the tough times hit, do you regroup, refocus and dig in harder? We have to adjust to whatever the wind brings our way. We cannot just let it beat us up. We have to change us to bemuse better and stronger - maybe we should even flex our muscles a bit.
Are you thin? 
With the muscular specimen that I am, I can relate to this one perfectly. What I mean here, is are you carrying too much to make a change? The flag is light and can change directions easily. The flag actually uses the wind to help it flow the right way. Do you use your trial to help you move the right direction? Or do you fight the change or trial?
Do you wave?
The flag just waves during the windy trial, almost in mockery. We need to toughen up and fight through the trials of life. We need to look them right in the eyes and wave with a huge smile on our faces, reminding the trials that they don’t win. With God’s strength and Grace, we will make it through any trial.
Do your colors show? 
The problem here is that our colors do show in a trial - they just may not be the colors that you like...
Do you whine to others about it?
Do you complain to your family about your situation?
Do you gossip about the person that is causing your trial?
Do you get mad at God for the difficulty?
Do you pray? 
Do you stand strong?
Do you impact others with a testimony of grace during the trial?
Do you remind yourself and others that the trial is for your good?
I hate trials. I hate going through them. I hate the hard times that they cause.
I’m not a fan of the wind, especially when I don’t expect the day to be windy.
However, the wind will come and I have a choice as to how I respond to to the trial of that wind.
I want to respond like our great American flag did in this wind…
I want to watch God use the trial to help me change and grow.
Lessons Learned: Don’t let the wind control you. Control the wind and respond knowing God has a plan.
Thoughts: What windy trial are you going through right now?

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