Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garbage and memories…

I was sitting, in my car, in a parking lot, when I looked in the rearview mirror seeing this trash receptacle. I don’t usually look out my mirrors when I’m sitting in a parking lot, especially my passenger side mirror - there’s really not a reason too, while I’m sitting.
I just happened to glance at it this time.
I think the Lord uses our everyday experiences to remind us of how He helps us and loves us.
It says that objects may be closer than they appear. 
Who wants trash close to them?
It brought some thoughts about the past up…

We all have trash, garbage and junk in our past (even in our present too).
Often, I think I’m the only one who has a history of failure and mistakes. It’s not true.
We all have a trash truck behind us full of the weak areas and we all struggle with issues now too. Once in a while we get on our own little island and either have a pity party about our past, or we are tempted by it, thinking that it’s just us. 
It’s not just us. 
It’s all of us - might be a good time to talk to another and see how they struggle through the trash heap too.
The trash, garbage and junk seems to be in the back of our minds and show up when we least expect it.
We can’t change the past. We have areas in our lives where we’ve failed, fallen and yet we’re forgiven, so the past is the past.
This is an awesome fact, and we have an awesome God that’s forgiven us of those areas. The problem is that we have an accuser that attacks us regularly and reminds us of the things we have failed in, and he wants to see us fail some more.
Ask the Lord to help you. 
Ask Him to keep reminding you of His grace and mercy. 
Ask Him to give you strength to get past the past.
The trash seems closer than it appears. 
This is a trick of the devil to try to have us focus on the failures of our past.
Do you ever have items from years ago haunt you and make you think you’re a failure? 
This again is the trick of the devil to make you think it’s still on top of you. Grad a trash bag and take the garbage to the dump. 
Why would we want the trash close to us? 
Why would we carry it around?
Do you really want it close to you?
The trash has already been taken out - it’s gone.
Remind yourself of this regularly.
Now remind yourself again.
Don’t let it slip form you, that God has taken care of the trash of your past.
Move forward, with out the trash container near you.
The best part of the picture today, is that I was able to just drive away form the trash in my mirror!
Lessons Learned: Carry the old garbage with you will only make you walk slower.
Thoughts: Do you ever have trash handing to close to you?
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  1. Interesting...nice analogy!

    I'm so glad my past is over. Forgiven by God.

  2. It's amazing what thoughts, the Lord gives us, and I'm glad I'm forgiven too!


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