Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I went bowling a couple of weeks ago and while we were there, I saw this sign.
I know that companies market their businesses to many people in many different ways, but this one made me think.
Why the elbow?

Did someone fall?
Did they think it would draw in a crowd of people?
Was it some kind of secret code to pro bowlers?
Was it an safety regulation?
Who decided to put that up there?
How long has this been posted?
Was there a technique to keeping your elbow in, like when shooting a basketball?
Wait, why was there a question mark?
How could elbow be a question?
Who uses their elbow to bowl, anyway?
Was it a reminder to wash your entire arms after bowling? You know how gross your hands feel after bowling...
Was there a hidden trick to hit the ball with your elbow as you threw it down the lane?
Was that even possible? Think though how that elbow hitting would work…
Does bowling ever involve an elbow?
Was there a new rule in bowling for those that don’t fully extend their arm when they bowl?
Was it a reminder to be sure to land on your elbows when you slip near the line, like almost everyone has done, at least once, in their lives?
Could it be that they were making sure that as you walked by your opponent, you gave them a swift hit in the ribs, with your elbow? Finally, one thought that makes sense!
Who ever thinks of their elbow when bowling?
Was it a distractor, so you threw a bad shot or two, causing you to come back and bowl more often? There’s always a conspiracy theory, or two.
Was it a doctor trying to get more business, by subliminally suggesting your elbow would hurt after bowling?
Maybe it was to encourage failing bowlers to stop pouting, as they leaned on their hands with their elbows on their knees?
Why just one elbow? Why not elbows?
Elbows are important, but what were they thinking when they put this sign up?
Most of you will not look at a simple sign and have all these questions come to mind.  I’m not sure why I have so many questions about simple things that I see, but when it comes to things that are important (unlike the elbow sign), I’ve found a great deal of value in appropriately questioning and thinking about what I see. It helps me to learn and figure things out. It also eliminates confusion, when I ask a question about what I see.
Broken Turtles is another post with a lot of questions...
Lessons Learned: We don’t all think the same. A questioning nature can help you figure the right answers out.
Thoughts: Do you question what you see?
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