Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a disease…

It’s a disease that a lot of people have.
It’s quite contagious.
It doesn’t just impact me, it impacts others around me negatively.
I’ve had it for quite some times and it’s very hard to treat.
It’s a disease of the eye…

Or should I say “I” (Update - I do not have an actual disease - had to update this, because of a few folks that thought I did)
You see, I tend to focus my eyes on me too much.
I really try not to struggle with this “I” issue, but it keeps coming back and I have a real challenge getting rid of it.
I get selfish when it comes to being first in line.
I get selfish when it comes to making sure I get my fair share.
I get selfish when it comes to wanting to get a task done.
I seem to get selfish over almost everything.
When I fight it, it seems to get stronger. Being human causes us to focus on ourselves first and I’m a human that struggles with the “I” disease all the times.
Sometimes I’ll catch myself talking about me and my accomplishments to an extent that is ridiculous. I use words like “I” and “ME” and “MY” and I keep rattling on and on about myself. 
How can we (or maybe just me) combat this problem?
  1. Purposefully help someone else.
  2. Intentionally give up something for another.
  3. Go last in line.
  4. Let someone, other than you, complete their task first, or just help them with it.
  5. Ask another for a need they have...and then fulfill it.
  6. Take someone out to coffee and just listen to them don’t talk, other than simple statements - just their coffee too.
  7. Get with someone you don’t know well and ask them “How can I help YOU?”
  8. Take time out to be an encouragement to someone that’s struggling wit ha hard time in life. This is a big one - it really takes the focus off of you.
  9. Design a strategy that makes you do things for others regularly, daily, if possible. You can’t focus on you, if your focusing on someone else.
  10. Simply say a word of thanks to as many people as possible, everyday. 
“Gratefulness destroys selfishness!”
Lessons Learned: I need to put others first more to get rid of this disease.
Thoughts: Do you have an “I” disease?
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