Friday, June 1, 2012

Holy cannoli…

I have been wanting to say this for a while how. It sounds so cool! Holy cannoli! The only way to improve it would be to say “Holy Cannoli, Batman!” I’ll bet you already thought of that. Wow, did I digress, on the title...sorry.
Little tubes of joy! 
This picture was taken at a lunch during a corporate training. I saw them and wanted to hug the person who placed the order! Man, were these delicious!
The root word of cannoli is little tube and the reason I used joy is quite obvious.
The amazing thing is that these are only 8 total calories and the recommended portion size is 6. Remember, I am not a doctor, a nutritionist and I didn’t read any label to get my information. 
I had a great lunch that day…

As I ate my 6 little tubes of joy, I thought about the positive impact they were having on me. They brought tremendous amounts of joy to my heart, belly, and my taste buds as I devoured each of them in a single bite - alright, the last one took two bites, but they were yummy (I don’t really use that word, but yummy was a good description - I just had the feeling of being on Chopped on the Food Network and hearing a judge describe my amazing baking skills!) I am out of focus today…
Let’s get to the thought…
These little pastries caused a stir when our team saw them. We all cheered and hooted and ran through the parking lot singing a cadence…
“We love cannoli’s, yes we do! We love cannoli’s, how ‘bout you!”
After 10 minutes in the parking lot, we all began to devour these delectable deserts.
They impacted our team. They were just small items, but they impacted our team with a smile, at least for a while.  We needed that “little tube of joy” to help our training day.
How do you bring a “little tube of joy” to those around you?
Are you the one that shows how grateful you are each day?
Are you the one that smiles when you see your coworkers?
Are you the one that says thanks for the little things in life?
Are you the one that makes people smile over a struggle?
Are you the one that brings enthusiasm to whatever room you are in?
Lessons Learned: I’m going to eat cannoli’s everyday - they bring joy. We can all add a little bit of joy each day.
Thoughts: How are you being a “little tube of joy?”

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  1. TC - thanks for faithfully reading and commenting. Spread the word!

    Keep the smiles going too!

    I could eat five of these right now...


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