Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make it a Great day!

I have this line at the bottom of most every email I send out. 
It’s a motto or credo I believe in and I likely motivate myself more than the folks that read my emails, but I know that we have choices and I chose to have great days.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one that believes I am the be-all, end-all in life, but I know I can choose joy, rather than sadness, no matter the circumstances.
We have bad days, bad weeks, bad months and sometimes bad years...

Some folks have amazing challenges to overcome physically, or mentally, or financially, but I know some that have incredible spirits and yet deal with tough things everyday.
I’m teaching a study of the fruit of the spirit in my junior high boys Sunday school class. We are taking our time to go through each or the nine parts of the fruit - it’s one fruit with all those parts to it. All of them are attributes that we choose to have in our lives. I can simply equating it to showering or taking a bath - we have a choice to keep clean, and we should choose it, whenever possible. We can choose to have good character just the same way, so matter the circumstance./
One of the parts is joy.
We have sad things that happen to all of us, but we can choose to have joy everyday.
Are you in financial trouble? Make it a great day still!
Are you in pain, from a tough relationship? Make it a great day still!
Are you struggle with a health issue? Make it a great day still!
Are you failing at your job? Make it a great day still!
Are you overwhelmed with stress? Make it a great day still!
I’m not saying the problems will go away, but if you choose God’s true joy, you will make it through. You have to trust Him for the grace to get through the time your in, even if it’s long term.
Look at these posts about my friend Ray and Joy and be encouraged. 

BTW - Ray doesn't even know he's an encouragement to people, but he is!
Lessons Learned: Joy is a choice. Make it a GREAT day!
Thoughts: Are you going through a trial today?
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