Monday, June 11, 2012

Letters, trees and answered prayer…

The other day, I prayed that God would provide for us in whatever way He could. 

Sometimes I worry...I shouldn't...
I knew it was His choice, as to how He would provide for needs, but, one of the ways that I prayed that He would provide, was through the mail.
I was thinking “Million Dollar Check” like the huge ones you get at charitable events, when a company donates a lot of money.
I was okay with a small check (not the amount, just the size), but thought it would be cool to see some provision in the mail.
That’s exactly what happened…

Look at this picture…
I had provision in the mail. It wasn’t anything like I thought it was going to be, but it was provision. It was 39 cents in stamps, plus two forever stamps - less than $1.50, but we had stamps for letters now.
I originally thought that I wasn’t clear enough when I prayed, then I thought that my expectations were too high, then I realized that I just needed to keep trusting the Lord and watch His hand of provision in whatever way He wanted to do it.
God’s provision is not about what I do, but about what He does!
That same night, a 30-40 foot branch fell off a large tree in our back yard. It didn’t hit our house (God’s hand again), but it did hit our neighbors wooden fence destroying a couple of sections. It wasn’t huge, but I felt responsible, since it was our tree, so I called my insurance company and someone to come out and get me an estimate on the fence repair.
Later that day, my wife saw our neighbors up by the fence and went to speak to them. It ended up that my wife taught their daughter, many years ago, in second grade and I was their daughter’s principal, back then too. They told my wife that this was just an act of God and they would take care of the fence and begin cleaning up the branches. We went up later that day to take a all the wood off and clean up the sticks.
The provision here is obvious. This issue didn’t cost us anything but a little effort and time - God took care of the need.
God’s provision is not about what I do, but about what He does!
There are many times, throughout our days and weeks that we miss how God is providing, because we think it’s “luck” or a little blessing - it’s not - it’s the Lord taking care of our needs.
Lessons Learned: God knows our EVERY need, small, like a stamp, or big like a tree.
Thoughts: What has God provided for you lately?
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