Thursday, June 7, 2012

Footprints and imprints…

Footprints are cool. 
They look cool. 
They are left from where we walk. 
You don’t have them ahead of you. 
You leave them behind. 
What kind of footprints are you leaving?

We all leave footprints.
Footprints are almost an exact replica of our footsteps. You can’t fake your footprint - what I mean by that, is that when you step, your footprint is left behind, not your handprint, or any other print. Your footprint is unique to you and it will be left behind you.
Your footprint is never perfect. Sometimes, it’s toe heavy, other times it’s heel heavy, or maybe it will lean to one side or the other. This doesn’t mean that you don’t leave it, it just means that you may not leave the entire thing. It’s still your foot and still from you.
Don’t think the footprint will not be followed. You may have just one other person follow it, or you may have many, but be sure that someone will follow it.
They may only follow it for a short time, so be sure it’s going the right direction.
It will eventually fade, so be sure that it’s impacting for the time it’s around.
These could be the simple things in life, like taking time to talk to someone.
These could be bigger things, like mentoring someone for years.
You get the idea - we need our life directions to change those behind us, just like the folks in front of us helped us along the way.
We all leave imprints.
Imprints are more permanent. It gets fit more perfectly, like stepping in went concrete or walking through wet paint. You have to work ver y hard to remove it or get rid of it.
We all do this too. We leave imprints. We leave permanent marks, but they may or may not be perfect.
People will see them and, again will follow them, and since imprints are around longer, you better be sure they are right and helpful to those following us.
You may have some imprints that were left by others for you, that you can carry on for others.
What imprints have impacted you, to the point where you made them permanent parts in your life?
You get to have an impact on others permanently, if you leave an imprint worth making permanent for them.
Lessons Learned: We all leave trails behind us.
Thoughts: What have you left be hind for others?
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  1. Craig, I thought of Neil Armstrong's footprint on the moon. His mark will be there forever - then I thought "I can do that with others." Maybe I have a chance to do something in someone's life that no one has ever done (like Armstrong) and I can make an imprint that will last forever! Just think, in 100 years his imprint will still be on the moon and my imprint could still be affecting the next generation. I need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit today to make an impact on someone's life. Hey, wouldn't be here if He wasn't going to use us to fulfill His purpose!

  2. Excellent thoughts! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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