Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are you going the right way?

So many times we start off on a path and don’t pay attention to the signs.
So many times we are heading down a road and miss the right turns.
So many times we get focused on our goal and miss the obvious along the way.
We have to pay attention to the signs as we move on in our lives.
Sometimes the signs ward us of disaster that’s impending, like the one above…

Why do we miss these important signs?
Could be because we ignore them.
Some people set themselves on  course of failure with intent. I don’t get this, but it happens. I’ve seen in tons of times, in companies I worked for. These people are absolutely horrible in their position, and they are told it by many people, including family, coworkers and bosses, but they keep going in their role.
I’ve met many salespeople who cannot and will never be able to sell - it’s just not in there skill-set, but they like the idea of being in sales, and they think the money could be good. They dream about the position and the possessions, but it’s not really them, so they fail and go to the next place.
Time to check out the signs...
Could be because we want a goal that’s not for us.
Lots of folks are climbing (or trying to climb) the corporate ladder in companies all over our country. They are fighting the battles to win the approvals of superiors, so they can be the first candidate for the next open slot, at the next level. Then they begin the focus on the next rung and are intensely focused on that bigger pay-grade, better office (or cube, in a lot of cases) or the more important title.
Maybe that’s not where you’re supposed to be.
You might be desiring these, but they may not be right for you. 
Time to check out the signs…
Could be because we have tunnel vision.
We miss the signs because we are looking too far ahead and don’t see what’s right in front of us.
This one is more about people that we should be impacting along the way.
I believe that we often get so intent on the long term target or, even the immediate goals, that we forget the people around us.
That’s a sign that what we’re doing may be hurting, rather than helping. We could have a great vision to help people with a ministry, but then forget to actually minister to the people that we are passing along the way to that goal.
Maybe we have a great business plan, but we forget that a business is around because of customers.  Kinda important to pay attention to that sign.
Time to check out the signs... 
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Lessons Learned: The signs are around us - read them.
Thoughts: What signs are you missing? Or paying attention to?
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