Monday, June 4, 2012

Lead is a 4 letter word…#3

Continuing with the 4 letter lead series today. Four letter words are not always negative and they can be a great help to you, if you allow them to be.
(I will not have these up everyday, but every couple or few days - they're a little longer and I know your time is valuable.)
Let me remind you it takes WORK (a dreadful four letter word) to get to where you want to be in life.
Keep moving forward towards your goals and don’t let the challenges distract you.
If you missed the first two words, you can see them here - LOST, SEEK...
Todays word is HELP - H.E.L.P…

H - Help your audience
You’re going to see a reoccurring theme in some of these leadership words, and that is, in regards to others and how we can service and impact them. If your dream is going to work, you have to help your audience with something. 
Starbucks has helped it’s audience to have style with a tasty cup of coffee.
McDonald's helped people with quick and simple meals.
You may not like the above examples, but they have helped their audience with a need or want. Your plan needs to help someone with their dream or want. It needs to be something that will draw them in, not just because of you or profit, but because they feel better or fulfilled when they use your product or service. 
Does your dream help your audience? Or will it?
E - Example - it’s about them, not you
IF you really believe in what you are doing, then set the example. I have often said to others that I’m not going to be a thermometer, in life, I’m going to be a thermostat.
A thermometer just measures the temperature around them. It’s kind of a mirror to the surroundings. It doesn’t really do anything, except tell others how comfortable or uncomfortable the room or vehicle is. Thermometers are a great device, but hey don’t set an example, they just tell you what’s going on around you.
A thermostat does more. It actually sets the temperature and keeps the settings of the room or vehicle. A thermostat creates changes, makes waves, and sets the pace for those around hem. It has an impact on people, and can be a help to those that are near their influence. You are helping others when you set the pace and temperature.
Are you a thermostat or a thermometer with your leading, in your dream?
L - Live a routine
I know that this is coming from a person that loves details and organization, but I’ve seen this characteristic in many leaders lives. They have a daily plan. They have their devotions in the morning, then eat, then go to work. At work they follow a pattern for the day and when they get home they have family routines they follow too.
This may seem rehearsed or robotic, but it’s not. There is a purpose behind the organization and it can change, if it’s not impacting. The routine is for impact, and it shows there’s a reason behind what leaders do. 
You have a dream and goal. To get there, you have to aim and move towards it with a plan. You don’t go on a family vacation without using your GPS and following a map, or you wouldn't get to your destination. You are impacting others better when you know where you’re going.
Are you mapping your dream?
P - Plan a system
This may seem the same as routine, but it’s not. 
A system is “a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.”
To make your whole life balanced and successful, a system will allow you to take all the complex parts of your life and marry them, so you can fulfill all your dreams - family, career, business, finance, ministry, etc. 
An example is the human body. Each part has a different function and goal, but the entire system works as one together to be successful. Your system may include more than you, so that your dream can work and you can lead the plan. You have to utilize your abilities along with others, to have success. You are helping them, by letting them help you too.
What’s your system?
Lessons Learned: HELPing is an important part of leading and your dream.
Thoughts: What’s your plan to help?

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