Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The spider effect…

Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t really like spiders.
They’re creepy, sneaky and you don’t ever expect to see them.
I generally ask my teenage daughters to kill them for me, when one wonders into our house, or I get out a shotgun to ensure they have no chance of survival. I have been know to use an entire two gallon poison sprayer on a single spider crawling in the living room.
They aren’t an evil creature, but they invoke fear into almost everyone, at some level.
You've heard of the butterfly effect…

That’s where when someone kills one butterfly, it has ramifications that impact a whole bunch of people down the road. In other words, one action can cause a domino effect with others.
The spider effect is different, because I’m in favor of stomping on every spider I see…
A few things of note about a spider…
Spiders get everywhere.
The bad side: You can’t really get ride of them, in fact, they are likely within 3-6 feet of where you are right now. The reason that some computer viruses are called spiders, is because they get into everything. The picture below is on the 4th floor of a building and the spider left it’s web right there. They usually impact negatively.
The good side: If you take this to a personal level, it makes me think that you can get to others no matter where they are. You can get to that hurting person, or angry person, or one that has just failed miserably. You can get to the person that needs your help, and help them. You can be a spider that uses it’s time to change lives for right, and encourage them.

People are afraid of spiders.
The bad side: The spider causes fear. People squeal. People jump. People react.
The good side: You can cause reactions too. Make it joy, and not fear and think about how you can change those around you.
Spiders impact almost immediately.
The bad side: Most people do not sit there are study the spider. Whatever reaction they are going to have, they have it right then. They don’t wait to see what the spider does. They take action because of he spider.
The good side: You can be a spider in people’s lives to cause immediate change. Do you bring a different attitude to the group? Do you have an impact when you walk in? Does joy radiate from you, so that others are changed right away? You may only have one time with someone, to have an impact - did that one time make an immediate change in them? Do people take action because of you?
Lessons Learned: Having the spider effect is incredibly powerful, and we do impact people right away. 
Thoughts: What ways do you impact?
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  1. I have arachnophobia and I cannot believe I made it through this whole post. Just the "s" word made me uncomfortable. I too get my teen girls to kill these pesky and sometimes dangerous little things. Not gonna win any mom of the year awards there. But, I love your point. (once I get past the fact that one is probably a lot closer to me right now than I would like) I will work hard to impact those around me as much as I can. Now, I have to go shower, because I feel stuff crawling on me and I am a little freaked out. ;D 

  2. Dayna - absolutely the funniest comment I've ever had! Sorry I grossed you out so badly...thanks for reading and the comment.


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