Sunday, June 24, 2012

Falling apart…

Life comes at us very fast and changes come along quicker than we can possible expect.
Sometimes the changes are negative or hurtful and they start to cause us to fall part at the edges. We see the issues and we try to patch them up, but they just keep fraying away at the corners of our lives.
Falling apart can happen in any part of our lives. It doesn’t have to be the whole thing. It can be a small area, but it still impacts our whole person. Sometimes, one area decays some and it spreads to other areas like a disease. Sometimes you get hit by a number of items at the same times and they all fall apart.
Whether these issues are your fault or out of your control, you have some options…

You can sit and cry.
You can complain to others.
You can give up on the repairs.
You can try to fix the issues by yourself.
You can seek other’s help.
You can pray and seek the Lord.
Sometimes you will do all of these. 
A good cry is a release of vented up emotions.
The complaining is venting, but really this one doesn’t do any good, except create a bitter spirit in you.
You could give up, but you have tremendous value to others, so this would be a waste.
You have to work on fixing the issues that you can control, so this is good.
Don’t forget to seek help from those that have gone through the same things, or form someone who understands your situation, because God put them in your life and they could be an encouragement to you.
The problem is the last one - we always put it last.
God is THE answer to our needs and problems and when you have areas of your life falling apart, He is the solution and He will help you.
We all have trials and troubles. We all go through tough times. I could give a pretty good sized list for me in 2012, but we all also have the Lord and His grace to help us through and provide for us.
I would say we may need to flip the list and start by asking the Lord for His help. When a crack begins to form, don’t wait until it becomes a crevice, seek the Lord’s help and wisdom as soon as you see it forming.
God loves us unconditionally and His love is unchanging. It doesn’t matter how bad we’ve failed, He will work in us and for us.
He will help us!
He will encourage us!
He will provide for us!
He will comfort us!
He will (and does) love us!
Don’t worry, if you have to cry and hurt though a tough time, just seek the Lord and lay your heart out before Him.
Lessons Learned: God is seeking after us, just like He did with Jonah. He wants us to seek Him too.
Thoughts: Do you have any prayer needs today?
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