Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Do you ever feel like people are snickering behind your back?
Do you ever feel like folks are pointing at you and mocking you?
Do you ever feel like their are people outright laughing at you?
Do you ever feel like no-one likes you? 
Do you ever feel unloved?
Pretty sure that most everyone feels that way sometimes…
We hurt from others for two reasons…

  1. They are selfish.
Most people are focused on themselves, most all the time.
They don’t care if they hurt you with what they say, how they point, when they laugh.
They don’t care if they hurt you at all.
They are insecure and feel like they can build themselves up by tearing you down.
  1. We are selfish.
This is the real point. Sorry, but it’s true.
We are they...think about it
We care about us so much that we become self-centered, insecure and then worry about how others think about us too much.
We focus on us a bunch and think others are out to get us.

Both of these are a tricky trap, that we get convinced of, because we are humans that forget that God loves us and the Devil hates us.
Pretty simple, huh?
Maybe not, but there are some ways to stop worrying about others and how they treat you. These may not be the absolute answers, but maybe they will help you.
  1. Focus on the Lord and who you are in Him.
He made you perfectly, just the way you are, without accident. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself with what God teaches in His word and how we are made for His purpose. We weren’t made for the purpose of others - what I mean by that, is we were made to serve he Lord and not for what others think about us.
  1. Focus on others and how they are hurting.
When you start working towards helping others, then you forget about you. I’ve spoken on this before, but I can’t get away from it. It’s on my head and heart a lot lately. I think the Lord may have taken me through some trials this year, so that I can get away from me and get into others lives more.
Others are in pain and most of them are not sharing it. Get into their pain - get to a point where you understand what they are going through and try to help them. You won’t always fix the issue, but maybe you can help a little, or maybe you’ll be the one that helps them get out of their pain, and move on in life.
Wouldn't that be cool!
Talk about pulling yourself out of the feelings of being hurt yourself.
Lessons Learned: It’s not about you.
Thoughts: Do you have struggles with feeling hurt? How do you handle them?
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