Monday, June 25, 2012

Sled running and the Blvd…

The other day, I stopped in a parking lot to make a phone call (my car is often my cubicle, so parking lots make for good offices). As I was making a call, I looked over and saw this guy running with a weighted sled behind him. When I looked a little closer, I realized there were four guys and they were all doing different exercises. 
One was using a fairly large medicine ball.
One was using a kettle weight.
One was doing pushups and other non-weight exercises.
And of course there was the sled.
The odd thing to me was…

They were doing this on a boulevard on a pretty busy roadway. It was out in the open for anyone to see. They weren’t paying any attention to anyone around them and were continually rotating between exercises with little rest between.
My mind wondered…
Goals take effort and focus.
Just an FYI - the day they were doing this, he temperature was in the high 80’s or low 90’s.
They had to carry their equipment form somewhere, out to the boulevard. It was a wide boulevard, so this spot worked well for their routines.
They had to keep going at their plan. As I observed for about 10 minutes, while on my call, I noticed that they worked hard at their routine, and were focused.
They didn’t pay attention to anything, or anyone around them - they just kept going.
Our goals take that kind of focus and effort. We can’t pay attention to our surroundings. We have to just get busy about the plan and move forward with as much effort as possible. Don’t be distracted. Keep working hard, no matter the external challenges.
Goals take others motivating you along.
You can’t make it alone. You have to have others to help you. People are often very willing to get involved with what you’re doing, but you may need to ask them. Think about one guy trying to cary he sled, the kettle weight, and the medicine ball over to the boulevard - that would be impossible. Just like your goals, or even responsibilities, you need others to help you.
Goals should be out in public to keep you accountable.
They were in the middle of a boulevard! That may seem kind of odd, but they found a place and got busy with the goals they had. They made it obvious to everyone that they were serious about getting in shape, and it didn’t matter where.
Maybe not everyone needs to know your goals, but at least some should some people should be aware. 
They can keep you accountable along the way, so if you step off pace, you don’t miss the completion point. 
They can encourage you, when you’re down or don’t have the energy to move on with the overall plan. 
They can share your goals, by getting involved with your target.
Lessons Learned: I can’t give up, not matter how hard. You can’t either.
Thoughts: Have you ever exercised in a boulevard?
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