Sunday, June 10, 2012

Krispy Kreme and Sunday School…

First of all, the maple glazed donuts are the bomb (for you millennials, that means, cool, awesome, sweet, amazing). 
I don’t know what the most modern term is for saying that the maple donuts are delicious, but I had to start off with the most important part of my post today - maple donuts!
I have noticed over the years, that donuts are a popular Sunday school class breakfast from ages 2 all the way to the Senior Workers class.
Donuts are a staple of the church.
They’re in every denomination and a lot of churches have them in their lobby’s.
This made me think…

If you read regularly, you know that I don’t think the way that most people do. 
Today, I realized that donuts are spiritual.
Donuts may actually have ben he manna that fell to the ground for the Israelites back in the day. 
I think the donut impacts lives each week:
Donuts make people smile. Split a donut in half and you have two smiles ))
Donuts bring people together. Just open a box and watch what happens - you will have several people - I promise
Donuts support the economy. They help the local donut shop, and they bring up the spirits of those that eat them.
In some ways, I want m life to be like a donut - not in the way of looking like a zero, but in the ways listed above:
I want to make people smile. I want them to see me and have a smile come to their faces, because I’m impacting their lives in a positive way.
I want to bring people together just like donuts do. Bringing people together for a common purpose and plan brings joy to you ant them.
I want to impact other’s personal economy. I may not bring cash to them, but I can impact their lives to grow, change, mature and be encouraged.
Lessons Learned: We can impact lives with anything around us, if we will just think through the ways to can do it.
Thoughts: Do you impact people like donuts do?

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  1. Craig.  So true.  We love Krispy Kreme.  My favorite is the basic glazed right of the conveyor belt--hot.  mmmmmm.   One time we only had about 6 kids show up for our teen Sunday School.  So the kids, my wife and I all piled in my van and headed to Krispy Kreme.  The kids loved it.  Taught the lesson as I drove.  And we were back in time for church!

  2. Chad - so glad to reconnect - thanks for reading and I may do that same this with my teen boys Sunday school class too!

  3. Craig, your posts remind me of a supervisor I once had. He would check on the status of projects, and if I was either behind schedule or slightly off direction, he would use gentle nudges, not demands, to get me back and keep me on track. Your posts do the same for my spiritual life.  Thanks.

  4. Stan - that was the most encouraging comment that I've ever had - you just gave me the nudge to keep moving on - thanks!


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