Sunday, June 3, 2012


“T.I.M.E. Them. Impact. Measure. Eternity. What we do each day, measurably changes people! For good? or Bad? Impact others! #failalot #impact”
I tweeted this about a week ago. It just came to mind and I thought it was tweetable, so I sent it out. It was retweeted 160,000 times - can you believe it? 
So, that’s not true, but it made me this blog post sound really important, and even thought it may not be 160,000 tweet important, I think the simple word time, can change lives.
I posted about impacts last week and time before too...
Take a look at the word TIME…

When you really think about it, time is not about you, it’s about them. They are the reason to take time to do the things we do. If we waste time on ourselves, it really doesn’t have the same impact as it does on others.

They are more important than you. They are the reason we live. This is exactly how the Lord looks at us. He sacrificed everything for us.

BTW - when I take time out for them, I often impact me more than I do them, so spending time on them, makes a big change in me too.

This goes back to counting others.
I can’t really figure out why people might not want to impact others. It’s such a privilege to help someone, or to change someone, or to encourage someone. I wouldn't want to live life without impacting someone each day. It doesn’t have to be a huge impact, but we should take the time to impact.
You could say hello to a stranger in a store.
You could thank a veteran for their military service.
You could give someone directions to where they need to go.
You could shake the hand of that new family that came to church.
You could step into someones life to make an impact each day of your life.
Weird word to put in this acronym.
The thing with measuring is that you have to judge your success. You have to take a moment to decide what value your time was during a given day. I often rehearse my day as I fall asleep at night. Not in a worrying way, but in a way that simply analyzes if my time and words were used wisely. 
The other thing with measuring, is that you have to have a goal to measure. Start with some simple time impact goals…
I will take time to say something nice to one person today.
I will say hello to someone new today.
I will take an extra five minutes to talk to a coworker about their family.
I will help a young person this week to be motivated to move on.
You get the idea - set a measurable goal and your time will impact!
You can agree with me, or you can disagree with me, but I believe our time impacts for both now and eternity. How we spend our time will impact others either positively for the Lord, or negatively for the devil. It’s up to us how we choose to impact.
We can waste our time and not focus on what our time and actions do to and for others, or we can be intensely focused on what our actions and time do to change other’s lives.
I choose to try to impact - I know that sounded big-headed, but I have to choose, and if I tell you about my choice, then I’m kept accountable for what I’ve just said. Method to m madness…
TIME impacts greatly!
Lessons Learned: Even a simple tweet can have an impact on others and yourself.
Thoughts: What’s another good idea for how to use your time to impact others?

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  1.  BTW - when I take time out for them, I often impact me more than I do
    them, so spending time on them, makes a big change in me too.

    Very true!

  2. Jeremy. Thanks for reading and for the kind comment. Comments like that keep me motivated to write more.


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