Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silly sayings Saturday…

If you've read my blog regularly, you realize that I like to laugh. It’s a huge area of importance to us everyday.
If you like, 
You can look at some of these silly posts…Silly 1 and Silly 2
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Today is just a list of silly sayings that I hope add a little smile to your face…

All’s well that ends.
It’s not an optical illusion, it just looks like one.
If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence you tried.
When all else fails, read the directions.
He who laughs last probably doesn’t understand the joke.
Never hit a guy with glasses. Always use your fists.
The only time I open my mouth is to change feet.
An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.
What if there were no hypothetical situations?
Dyslexics of the world untie!
Honesty is the best policy. But insanity is a better defense.
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.
As I said before, I never repeat myself.
Forgive your enemies, but remember their names.
Maturity is knowing when and where to be immature
All of my friends and I are crazy.Thats what keeps us sane!
Some say the glass is half empty, Some say the glass is half full, I say “are you gonna drink that Coke Zero, with Lemon-lime?” (look at this post about Coke Zero and here)
Im a nobody.. nobody’s perfect.. therefore I’M PERFECT!!!
Lessons Learned: Many silly sayings are not close to being true beliefs, but they play off of the beliefs we believe.
Thoughts: Have you laughed with someone today?
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