Friday, June 8, 2012

Lead is a 4 letter word…#5

Continuing with the 4 letter lead series today. Four letter words are not always negative and they can be a great help to you, if you allow them to be.
(I will not have these up everyday, but every couple or few days - they're a little longer and I know your time is valuable.)
Let me remind you it takes WORK (a dreadful four letter word) to get to where you want to be in life.
Keep moving forward towards your goals and don’t let the challenges distract you.
If you missed the first two words, you can see them here - LOST, SEEK, HELP, STEP...
Todays word is TEAM - T.E.A.M…

T - Them, not you
This is a reoccurring theme. Any business, ministry, church, etc. will grow and succeed most effectively, when your customers are the ones that you have first and foremost, in your philosophy, credo and heartbeat. When any business becomes selfish, or profit motivated only, the results will eventually be failure. You can look at any large successful business, ministry or church and you will see other people on the top of the list. It breeds success. It changes leaders. It helps followers. It effects lives.
Keep others first - really - please get this - it’s about them, not you!
E - Extend your cause
If you applied the “Them, not you” principle, then you will cause your cause to extend. When people are influenced positively by someone, hey spread the word and your network extends, and thus your cause.
You also need to advertise, at least some. Not necessarily by print, web or other traditional extents, but by impacting the next person. This is not an immediate thing. There are not very many overnight successes. It takes time to extend your cause to more people. You just have to choose to do it. 
After you served one person or group, find another that you can help with your product, service or ministry. This may be from a lead, form the first group, or maybe you see another group yourself - it really doesn’t matter, but if you want your dream and want it to grow, then you need to extend it to the next level.
BTW - if you believe in your dream, and believe it will impact, then why wouldn't you want it to grow to others?
A - Attitude impacts extension
If you think that your dream is weak, then so will your audience.
If you think that your dream is strong, then so will your audience.
If you think that your dream is helpful, then so will your audience.
If you think that your dream is useless, then so will your audience.
If you think that your dream is amazing, then so will your audience.
If you think that your dream is goofy, then so will your audience.
You’re the one that controls the heartbeat of your dream and your attitude expresses it. If you lack enthusiasm for your dream, then it won’t catch on. If you love it and share it, then you’ll be amazed how others will latch onto it and follow you with it.
M - Meet - be with them often
You can tell that I’m looking at these leadership words with others in mind. I already mentioned that any dream you have has an impact (and should have an impact) on others.
To have the greatest impact, you need to try to be with your audience, your clients, your customers, those that serve in your ministry, or your employees as much as possible. You can’t be with them all the time, but whenever you can, you will have a greater influence with your dream, than when you’re alone.
Lessons Learned: TEAM does not have an I in it, but it does have a “WE” - just take the “M” and turn it upside-down and add the “E” behind it!
Thoughts: Are you TEAMing up with others on your dream?
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